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ignore all of the following posts, they are old and just there for the purpose of holding this layout together while i make it so i can see what it looks like. so anyways, i just woke up. my boyfriend's been gone since friday, he went to ohio. it sucks, i really haven't gone out of the house since then either, as sad as that sounds. he's coming home today though :)

i'm in the process of planning my new years eve party at my house, should be a fun time :D

also, obviously, i need a host pretty bad. i've previously been hosted at:


Well it's 8 on Friday night and I'm sittin' behind my computer. How sweet am I. I decided this is a good time to finish up my site cause I never ever feel like it. I came home and slept from 4-7 today. Check out all the sections and lemme know what you think :)

..every now & then
when i'm all alone
i'll be wishin' you would call me on the telephone
say you want me back
but you never do
i feel like such a fool
there's nothin' i can do
i'm such a fool for you..

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Nikki @ 8:08 PM {guestbook} {aim}


Alright so here it is, my new layout. How you like that? Mainly the reason I made the layout is because summer's comin' up & I wanted to write about everything. And also I've been goin' through some problems that I need to vent out somehow so I figured this would be the best way to do so. All the sections should get finished today (why did I say that?? I know they won't..), well I'll do my best. No school for Nikki today ;)

In other news, I spent the night crying myself to sleep last night. Pretty sweet huh? I have no idea what is up with Andy, whether he is purposely avoiding my calls, whether he really is too busy working on the house to talk, or what, but it is really starting to piss me off. It's tearing me up inside not knowing what the fuck is going on. If he's spending all of his time with another girl, he needs to call me and tell me this because I can't stand not knowing what the hell is going on anymore. He called (5.13) and we're still on for Wednesday, but he hasn't called since :/ (5.16). For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, Andy is my ex boyfriend, we went out for almost two years, and broke up or as we called it "took a break" starting on Valentine's Day. And now I want nothing but to be with him again, and he won't return my calls. I know someone out there has to know how I feel right now. It's awful. He told me he would go to Kennywood with me, and all I wanna do is talk to him about it, but he never answers his phone. I called his house last night, and his mom said he was "out". This was right after I called him, he picked it up, I heard the phone move around for a few seconds, and hung it up without saying anything. So then I'm thinking "what the fuck??", I called back and his phone was turned off. These are the things that piss me off. Because of his high cell phone bill, his mom took his phone off of him. If he has a new girl, wonderful, but I want to know about it. I am ASKING him to grow some balls and call me up and BREAK MY HEART, because I can't stand not knowing what the fuck is going on.

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Nikki @ 9:29 AM {guestbook} {aim}



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