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Welcome to the official CubeSteak website. CubeSteak is a new band in North East PA. We cover punk/grunge/alternative music and come up with some originals. This site has guitar tabs of our originals (with lyrics), pictures of the band for you to check out, and a message board. The members of the band can be seen above, from left to right, Kevin Kane (Bass), Joe Andrews (Vocals), and Jason Volonakis (Guitar). 

Meet The Band

Cover Song List

Message Board


Jason's Latest CubeSteak Website Updates  
12/19/01 - Added Sound Files, Links
9/21/01 - Modified/Updated Cover Song list.
9/20/01 - Modified main page. 
9/19/01 - Added Bryan Barron (See Below) and Added picture of HCSS Inc. 
8/30/01 - Added a list of cover songs. 
8/29/01 - Added a few links. 
6/8/01 - Added lyrics by Drew. 
5/22/01 - Made two new picture sections from the black and white photo's. 
5/21/01 - Added a section of pictures for the black and white photos. 
5/19/01 - Put up the message board. 
5/18/01 - The site is up and running.



Coming Soon! - More original lyrics and tabs.

   Yeah Baby! The sexy Bryan Barron! Cubesteak's #1 fan. He's a corporate communications major at King's College from New Jersey. Bryan and vocalist Joe Andrews are the party animals of Luksic Hall. Hey ladies, he's an eligible bachelor with a sexy smile. Click Here to see a full image of this stud.
   Oh The Lovely Trudy Cordora! To what extent will lead vocalist Joe Andrews go to get someone to interview on the CubeSteak Radio Show? (88.5 WRKC) Well, for one thing, he promised to put her picture on the CubeSteak Website. She was interviewed on 4/29/01 by Joe; they discussed the politics society's plans for earth day. The also talked about what its like being a poly-sci major and her role as the political society president. See a full image of Trudy. Or see a second image of Trudy.