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Irv's Luggage Warehouse - Travel Tips
Irv's Travel Tips

Your Health Etiquette Money, Documents, Passports Packing Security
travel tips travel tips passports packing tips travel safety


Your Health

  • Talk to your travel agent about any shots or health precautions. Anything required?
  • If shots are required, plan in advance with your physician. This should enable you to avoid any side effects as you travel.
  • If medication is required, carry 2 sets, one in your luggage, and one with you.
  • Also keep prescription labels with you for replacement.
  • Some travel time should be devoted for Rest and relaxation. A travel pillow and/ or eye mask is very helpful.
  • Before and all through your journey drink plenty of water and get a lot of rest. To readjust to the time zones, take short naps. This is the best help.
  • Check out the US State Department home page to see the latest updates on the country you are visiting, to be up to date on the health and political bulletins, and for other important travel information.

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  • Be aware of language use, dining etiquette along with appropriate dress and other customs associated with where you are in the world. This will contribute greatly to the success of your trip.

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Money, Documents, Passports

  • Copies of passports, visas, and any other important documents should be made in case of loss or theft.
  • Some foreign currency should be purchased ahead of traveling abroad for ground transportation and tipping. You can stop by your local bank to exchange up a small amount of foreign currency before you travel abroad.
  • Click here to go to check the current foreign exchange rate for your travel destination.

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  • Pack tightly. Packing loosely wastes precious space and causes clothes to wrinkle.
  • Use a divider shelf to separate accessories, irregularly shaped items, and shoes from your garments.
  • You may also want to stuff your shoes with underwear or socks so they won't be crushed during your travels.
  • Suits, dresses, shirts, and blouses should be packed in a plastic dry cleaner bags to limit wrinkling.
  • Roll pajamas, nightgowns, sweaters, and other casual wear to fill small spaces when possible, BUT don't cram your suitcase full. If you have to force your luggage to close, remove a few items to prevent broken hinges or zippers along the way.
  • Try the "interweaving method" of packing for your next trip. Drape longer garments such as dresses and pants around the suitcase with the ends hanging over the sides. Then fold shorter items such as jackets, shirts and blouses around the longer garments so that the clothes cushion each other. Placing a piece of tissue paper between each layer of clothing will help prevent wrinkling.
  • Pack each item one at a time in a clockwise direction. When you have filled the bottom of the suitcase, begin the next layer packing each item in a counter clockwise direction. In this way, you will form one complete package of your clothes, eliminating wrinkles and securing all of your contents.
  • Always carry your travel documents, medication, jewelry, traveler's checks, keys and other valuables in your hand luggage. These items should NEVER be packed in luggage you plan to check.
  • To avoid travel delays when you depart check with the Transportation Security Administration to verify that the items you are carrying on the plane are allowed onto the aircraft. You'll find a complete list of prohibited items on TSA website.

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  • Lock your luggage to avoid accidental opening due to rough handling or cabin pressure, and carry the keys in your hand luggage.
  • Remove old claim checks to avoid confusing baggage handlers about your current destination.
  • Identify your luggage both inside and outside with your name, address and telephone number, and make sure the outside tag is securely fastened to your luggage.
  • Airport security has changed dramatically since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. To ensure you get through security check points and to avoid travel delays, be sure to check the Transportation Security Administration's Tips for Travelers and Consumers before you fly.
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