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Recent DVD Releases

They should have left him alone. Academy Award winner Matt Damon is back as expert assassin Jason Bourne in the stunning, non-stop action hit. Fuelled by awesome fight scenes and some of the most breathtaking chase sequences ever filmed, itís a state-of-the-art espionage thriller that explodes into action and never lets up!
Bourne Supremacy (Widescreen)
Max has lived the mundane life of a cab driver for 12 years. The faces have come and gone from his rearview mirror, people and places he's long since forgotten... until tonight. Vincent is a contract killer. When an offshore narcotrafficking cartel learns they are about to be indicted by a federal grand jury, they mount an operation to identify and kill the key witnesses, and the last stage is tonight. Tonight, Vincent arrives in L.A. and five bodies are supposed to fall. Through the night Vincent forces Max to drive him to each assigned destination. And as the LAPD and FBI race to intercept them, Max and Vincent's survival becomes dependent on each other in ways neither would have imagined.
Collateral (Widescreen)
But that trust is broken when a scientist is found dead and a skeptical detective believes that a robot is responsible. Bridget Moynahan co-stars in this high-tech action thriller that questions whether technology will ultimately lead to mankind's salvation... or annihilation.
I, Robot (Widescreen)

Starting during the summer before Harry's third year at Hogwarts, this is the adventure that happens when he has to go on the run after an incident where he was unable to control his anger... getting on a bus, he hears about Sirius Black, a renegade wizard who was a Prisoner at Azkaban. What Harry doesn't suspect is that Black escaped to look for... him.
Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban (Widescreen)
Picking up exactly where the first movie left off, this movie takes us to the kingdom of Far, Far Away as Shrek and Fiona return to her homeland to tell her parents the good news. Not everyone is happy to find her married to an ogre, with the most irate in this group being Prince Charming, who was supposed to be the one who lifted Fiona's curse. We're also introduced to the mysterious Fairy Godmother, and a bar called the Poison Apple, where the villains of the fairy tale world hang out, including the great ogre-slayer, Puss-in-Boots.
Shrek 2 (Widescreen)
In SPIDER-MANģ2, the latest installment in the blockbuster Spider-Manģ series, based on the classic Marvel Comics hero, Tobey Maguire returns as the mild-mannered Peter Parker, who is juggling the delicate balance of his dual life as college student and a superhuman crime fighter. Peter's life becomes even more complicated when he confronts a new nemesis, the brilliant Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) who has been reincarnated as the maniacal and multi-tentacled "Doc Ock." When Doc Ock kidnaps MJ (Kirsten Dunst), Spider-Man must swing back into action as the adventure reaches new heights of unprecedented excitement.
Spider-Man 2 (Special Edition) (Widescreen)

DVD Releases Coming Soon

"It may be our planet, but itís their war! The deadliest creatures from the scariest sci-fi " movies ever made face off for the first time on film. The incredible adventure begins when the discovery of an ancient pyramid buried in Antarctica sends a team of scientists and adventurers to the frozen continent. There, they make an even more terrifying discovery: two alien races engaged in the ultimate battle. Whoever wins...we lose.
Alien Vs. Predator (Widescreen)
Brad Pitt picks up a sword and brings a muscular, brooding presence to the role of Greek warrior Achilles in this spectacular retelling of The Iliad. Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger play the legendary lovers who plunge the world into war, Eric Bana portrays the prince who dares to confront Achilles, and Peter O'Toole rules Troy as King Priam. Director Wolfgang Petersen recreates a long-ago world of bireme warships, clashing armies, the massive fortress city and the towering Trojan Horse.
Troy (2004 / Widescreen)
Picking up where the end of the first movie left off, an elite military agent, Alice (Jovovich), finds herself stranded in the ruins of Raccoon City folowing a virus outbreak which has turned the city's inhabitants into bloodthirsty zombies. Searching for a way to contain the virus, Alice also teams up with other survivors, who include Jill Valentine (Guillory), who finds herself being hunted down by a massive monster called Nemesis (Mabius) with ties to Alice, and the tendency to moan 'Starrrrssss' a lot.
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Special Edition/2 Disc Set)

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