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Control your lights &
appliances by remote
control, PC or Motion!
Automate Your Home, Simplify Your Life!
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Control and schedule lights and appliances with ActiveHome. You can operate lights, lamps and appliances by remote control from anywhere in the house or directly from your PC!

  • No wiring needed — ActiveHome uses your electrical system!
  • Automate lights and appliances and create schedules.
  • Control lights and appliances with your PC or the included Remote!

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Everything you need is included:

Total Value $140.75

Consumer's Digest
How can we offer home automation at such low prices?

For years, X10 has designed and manufactured cutting edge home automation & surveillance technology. By ordering FACTORY DIRECT from X10 - you get unbeatable low prices from a name you can TRUST!


3-Way Home Control
PC Control – Directly control your lights and appliances in any room, while sitting at your computer.

Remote Control – With the 5-in-1 Platinum Remote (included), you can control all your home’s lights & appliances from any room in your house, without getting up from the couch or bed. The 5-in-1 also controls your TV, VCR, Cable, Stereo, and more – so you don’t need any other remote control.

PC Automation – Let your PC turn things on & off, or dim/brighten lights based on schedules you create. These customized routines are also extremely useful for when you’re asleep or away, and they still work while your PC is turned off!

How it works ...
ActiveHome sends command signals across your home’s existing electrical wires directly to your lights and appliances for safe and easy control. PlugN’Play: No new wiring is needed, so it’s extremely simple and quick to setup. (X10 Home Automation technology also enables you to safely dim and brighten your lights, even if they don’t do that normally).

About 5-in-1 Platinum Remote

This 5-in-1 Platinum Remote controls your TV, VCR, Cable, Satellite Dish as well as your lights and appliances without having to be in the same room. Dim the lights, start brewing a fresh pot of coffee and play your favorite movie! The special "home control" feature works in conjunction with the wireless transceiver (RR501 or TM751), or any X10 security system base receiver to communicate RF commands to X10 Lamp Modules, Appliance Modules or Wall Switches.

About Credit Card Controller

While safely sitting in your car, turn on your home’s lights with the simple press of a button on your credit card controller. Control up to 4 lights and appliances. It even has brighten and dim buttons so you can dim your lights, even if they couldn't dim before. With its elegant, sleek design and additional buttons to control even more lights and appliances, Credit Card Controller brings added excitement to home control!

About the Lamp Module

Control your lights from across the room or from the other side of the house! Incandescent lights can be dimmed too, even if they don’t normally (halogen and fluorescent bulbs cannot dim). Set the best lighting level for any lamp or light in your house. Plug the lamp into the Lamp Module and plug the Lamp Module into any normal wall socket—it’s that easy! This device is ideal for controlling nearly any lamp in your entire home.

"The ActiveHome software includes a rich variety of options that should satisfy even the most ardent twiddler", Christopher Lindquist : Editor at C|NET

"Ah, the joys of modern living. You pull into your driveway after a hellish commute, click the miniature remote control attached to your key chain, and the front porch light comes on, along with your living-room stereo and window lamp. Inside, the air conditioning unit has already been cooling the house for an hour."
ComputerLife Magazine: ZDNet

"Visitors to my home are amazed when lights go on automatically at dusk and go off at 11 p.m. on signals from preset program on my PC (it’s also handy when company has outlasted its welcome). They’re also startled when I dim the lights in the family room and fire up the projection TV from a single button on the universal remote control. It looks like rocket science, but the X10 technology that makes it happen is simple and cheap."
Bill Machrone, Family PC Magazine

You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without It!

Everything you need is included:
List Price

Total Value $140.75

You Save: $105.76 (75%)

You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without It!

Everything you need is included:

Total Value $140.75

*Prices are posted in $US dollars ONLY! Offer for FREE FEDEX Ground shipping for orders $49.99 or more are valid ONLY in the United States of America. Note: Some orders may be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Orders to Canada have a $10 Shipping & Handling Charge and will have a 7% goods & services tax (GST #10575 8056 RT0001) added to the order. Prices may change without notice. X10 accepts only credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), for both online and telephone orders. X10 reserves the right to discontinue the posted promotional offers at any time. Technical support is available only to customers in the US and Canada.

X10 Wireless Cameras, Home Security, Security Cameras, Spy Camera

Factory Direct Price: $79.99

FREE VCR Sentry Pack! $75 Value!

Order Here!

The XCam2 is a tiny, yet powerful wireless video camera that you can put anywhere and transmit live COLOR video to any TV, VCR or PC* in your home! With the included FREE VCR Sentry Pack you can easily record ONLY the action while you're home or away! More Information Here!

$79.99 XCam 2 Order Today
So tiny it fits anywhere! What do you want to see?
  • Front Door - who's knocking?
  • Baby's Nursery - is she still asleep?
  • Backyard - who's prowling around?
  • Den - is your spouse still working?
  • Pool - are the kids playing safely?

Is The Largest Home Automation
Company In The World!

What is Home Automation?

Video Surveillance

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Safety Turtle Pool Alarm System - Help Protect Kids from Swimming Pool Hazards
Safety Turtle Pool Alarm System - Protect children from swimming pool accidents with a pool alarm system that emits a piercing tone if they fall into a body of water.

Only $ 109.99

Help Prevent Deadly Swimming Pool Accidents!
Help protect your kids from catastrophic swimming pool accidents with this easy-to-use swimming pool alarm system!

Only $ 139.99

Cyberlux Home Safety Light
The Home Safety Light by Cyberlux is constructed using the finest materials and is the first long-term portable lighting solution for use during power outages or when power is unavailable.

Only $ 19.99

ETL Flashing Safety Vest
The Flashing Safety Vest by Energy Technology Labs is a smart and easy way to protect yourself and the ones you love from nighttime accidents.

Only $ 21.99

Stove Guard
Never again wonder if you forgot to turn off the stove top with a safety system that shuts it off for you!

Only $ 219.99

300’ Wireless Vibration Sensor-Motion Alert
"This versatile unit warns you when the mail has arrived, a door is being opened, if your truck is being tampered with, etc."

Only $ 49.99

Leviton X10 Motion Detector 6417
Turn all floodlights throughout your house on when any of the motion sensors detect motion.

Only $ 64.99

Restore peace-of-mind with an automatic garage attendant that automatically closes your garage door when you inadvertently leave it open.

Only $ 89.99

Smarthome SecureLinc VR Wireless Security System
Get all the security you need in one convenient package with this easy-to-install wireless security system with voice response!

Only $ 249.99
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Hardwired Smoke & Heat Detector ELE-541 CXT
A quality smoke detector with integrated fixed 135° F and rate-of-rise heat detector. Provides triple protection against fire.

Only $ 59.99

Long Range Wireless Door/Window Sensor
Monitor doors/windows with this improved sensor. It has a longer range and longer battery life than the standard #7350W door/window sensor.

Only $ 23.99

Remote-Controlled Carbon Monoxide Alarm
"Put your fears of carbon monoxide poisoning to rest with a Carbon Monoxide Detector that you can test, or silence, with any TV remote control!"

Only $ 59.99

Wireless Security Handheld Remote SH624 PSR01
Forgot to arm your X10 alarm system at night? Do it right from your bedstand with this convenient remote control!

Only $ 21.99

X-10 PRO2000™ Monitored Security System Value Pack

Only $ 249.99

Long Range Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

Only $ 49.99

Weatherproof Outdoor Horn Siren for X10 Security SS-300B
Add a loud weatherproof outdoor horn siren to your X10 security system for maximum deterrent effect.

Only $ 139.99

Alarm Warning Stickers
Keep potential thieves from attempting to break into your home with these highly-visible security warning stickers.

Only $ 12.99

7-Piece 16-Zone Wireless Security System
"This 16-zone wireless security system sounds sirens, flashes lights and calls 4 telephone numbers you select. Add wireless sensors to cover your entire home."

Only $ 229.99
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