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Community Arts Center Bonsai Club

The Community Arts Center Bonsai Club is located in Wallingford, Pennsylvania.
The club has been in session since 1962.
Meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month, excluding January, July and August.

CAC Bonsai hosts an annual show at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford every May. Bonsai Day is always free and is a great opportunity to be introduced to a new hobby.

What is Bonsai?

Bonsai means literally "planted in a pot". You keep the trees small by trimming the roots and clipping back the branches and leaves. Eventually, the tree takes on the look of age, appearing to be much older than it really is (although some Bonsai have been kept alive in pots for over a hundred years!).

How do I begin?

It's easy! All you need is a small potted tree or shrub from a nursery, a good pair of garden shears, Bonsai soil, wire, a pot and some patience. It really does take time and effort to see the beauty of a Bonsai shine. They must be watered often, every day in the summer. The leaves and branches of a Bonsai must be trimmed several times a year and re-potted every 1-3 years.

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