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Information about Grand Master Yang

Grand Master Yang was born in South Korea. Master Yang began his long and distinguished career in martial arts during his childhood in Korea. At the young age of 15, he began teaching classes for his master, Sun Sik Choi.

Grand Master Yang's skills and knowledge continued to grow and mature. He performed many martial arts demonstrations. During this time, he also trained under one of the Greatest Zen masters in Korea as well as Great Master Jung Sun Son, developing strong mental discipline as well as physical skill and many higher-level techniques including secret techniques. Later Grand Master Yang conducted instructor-training courses in order to teach instructors these higher-level techniques.

Grand Master Yang's reputation grew and with it came an invitation by the Iranian government (before the Ayatollah) to train their Police University and Teheren University students for two years until the Iranian revolution caused him to leave.

After leaving Iran, Grand Master Yang moved to America in 1978 where he has developed and established a martial arts school crafted of tradition, discipline, and intensive training. Our school has remained in the North Penn area as other schools have come and gone.

Since arriving in the United States, Grand Master Yang has strived to help our community, from helping senior citizens and handicapped children to raising money for the bulletproof vests for the local police. He has also introduced Eastern philosophy and culture to area residents and has facilitated the formaton of many exchanges and sister city relationships with area communities. Grand Master Yang has been recognized by local and state officials several times for his tireless efforts to help our community.

In 1990 Grand Master Yang Combined the principles of the different styles he has studied to form a new style, Sun Moo Do. The Style is extremely well rounded including all the different subjects of the martial arts.

Picture of Grand Master Yang