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Philosophy Lesson From Grand Master Yang

First, the martial artist seeks to develop certain virtues or habits of good conduct. These include: self discipline, patience, courage, perserverence, trust, modesty, non-violence and self-confidence. These virtues enable the martial artist to have a "whole spirit," giving him the capacity to control fear and anger, to do difficult things. Second, the martial artist seeks to develop and live by the code of good conduct and high principles. This code includes: honesty, loyalty, unselfishness and honor. Third, the martial artist seeks to develop and maintain an attitude of respect for self, others, and country. This begins with self-respect, but it also involves respect and devotion to parents, honor and respect for elders, also love for friends and love for country. Fourth, the martial artist seeks certain physical goals. These include power, strength, eundurance, speed, agility, balance, poise, breath control, flexibility and concentration. These are gained through a vigorous physical training. With dedication and hard work these physical abilities come and with them comes the ability to defend yourself, your family and your country.Fith, the martial artist seeks to develop, maintain and apply this energy, have great capabilities of self defense, self-control and courage.