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Kakumei no Bara: An Utena Roleplay

HI! If you tried out and made it, PLEASE email me at so you can get added to the yahoo group! There are still roles open! PLEASE still tryout!

Hey there. None of you probably know this, but all summer long, the memebers of Weiß:The Roleplay began, started, and are almost finished a roleplay of Weiss Kreuz. To learn more about this go to: Weiß: The Roleplay
The real point of this page is to first lay the grounds of this NEW ROLEPLAY! First off, we're going to try our hand at Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Yep, you heard it right folks. Please read the following information carefully!

1) This RP will all be in text format. That is none of this

Hello, I'm Utena ::licks her lips::


Tenjou Utena slowly licked her lips, a little nervous. "Hi. My name is Utena."

2) We are going to roleplay this session in an email based list on yahoo. This will be a private group, so only those playing will get memembership!

3) Please Instant Message MurdercyclePilot and/or YojiBalinese to audition. Yep, we want the best of the best. Remember to have a specific character in mind. Murdercycle will be playing Miki/Nanami. YojiBalinese will be playing Touga/Sayonji.

4) Anshi, Tsuwabuki, Akio, Touga, Miki, Nanami, Juri, Keiko and Kozue are taken. And since it does look like we have a taker for Sayonji, I may play him and Touga as well ((although technically both Sayonji and Touga ARE open...but you have to be the best. Please tryout!!))Please original characters. There are tons...TONS of characters open. We aren't going to play any particular saga, because this is an "alternate universe." Therefore, Aiko and Mikage and all the other good people are welcome. HERE ARE THE CHARACTERS PENDING ACCEPTANCE AND AUTIONS ARE STILL WANTED FOR: Utena. HERE IS WHO IS LEFT: Mikage, Chuchu ((although Himemiya may play it if there is no taker)), Ako-Dko (shadow girls), Mamiya, Yuko-Aiko(Nanami's girls), Wakaba, and Touga/Sayonji (plus anyone else I missed)... Email me ((webmaster))for any questions.