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2016 rules



Only Rule Change for 2016 will be the elimination of the GHOST RULE. Please read below in the Substitute section for the rule details


Winter rules will be played in 2016. The league will continue to play the green tees for all holes.


The ball will be played DOWN in the rough. You can roll the ball only in your own fairway.


Balls resting in water in all sandtraps will be lifted and placed in the bunker. If no dry areas exist player can drop outside the bunker no closer to the hole, keeping the point at which the original ball rested directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped.


Environmental areas are to be treated as a water hazard (red).


Water Hazard



The league will play from the Green Tees.




Scoring System


            1.         Handicaps are calculated by using the best 6 scores out of the last 12 rounds played. The USGA method of calculation will be used. Cards will be marked by a “ l ” for full strokes, “ -  ” for half strokes. Half strokes will fall on the easiest of the stroke holes.


2.         Individual match will be “Medal Play” and will be worth 1 pt. for win and ½ pt. for a tie. Player picking up his ball on any given hole will forfeit the individual match unless his opponent agrees to a score. The opponent is NOT required to grant this.


3.         Team match will be “Match Play” but will be worth 3 pts. for win and 1-1/2  pt. for a tie.


4.         When a match is made up of 1 player from each team they will play for 4 points total. Teams can’t gain points from a player that is not present. Players will also play each other and will play off the lower handicaps ball.




Playoff rules


Top 12 teams will make it into the playoffs. The top four teams will receive a bye in the first week. Then the bracket will be reseeded and the bracket will be set after the bye teams are added.


Each player must play a minimum of 10 matches during the regular season to qualify for the playoffs. If there are regular season matches rained out and reduce the matches played for the year the minimum will be reduced by that amount. (due to the maximum 7 substitute rule)


Each team may only use a sub once in the first 2 round of the playoffs. No subs can be used in the 18 hole finals.


Championship Round


This Championship round will be 18 holes played at Lederach Golf Course during the end of year Outing. There will be 1 rain date this year.





·                     Each player may only use a sub 7 times during the regular season. If the maximum is used during the regular season for a given player he can’t use a sub in the playoffs.




·                     To qualify for the Playoffs a sub must have at least 3 matches played during the season if he has a current league handicap. If he doesn’t have a current league handicap he must have played 5 matches during the regular season.


·                     When prearranging a sub please notify Chris Chase by Monday night so the score card can be adjusted. Contact Chris at (610) 331-3882 or email


·                     When a sub is reserved ahead of time, he can play for your team regardless of team representation and is eligible to win the team and his individual match.


·                     A non-reserved sub can play for a team with no representatives only if no other team needs the sub, and can only play for the individual match, not the team. He will play the opponent closest in handicap, lower cap breaks tie.


·                     Teams needing only one sub have preference over no-show teams the night of the match.


·                     When a team uses a sub that hasn’t been prearranged, the sub will play in the absent players spot regardless of handicap.


·                     Subs that provide a USGA Handicap Index can get a 9 hole league handicap by;


·                     Multiplying his USGA Handicap Index by the USGA Slope Rating of the course played (Lederach tees are 130) the resulting figure is rounded off to the nearest whole number (.51 or more is rounded upward) until he has enough league competition scores.





To Make Playoffs;


Two Team Tie


1st       Head to head by total points

2nd     Head to head by team match

3rd       9 hole playoff           


Multiple Team Tie


1st       Total points scored against tied teams

2nd     Head to head by total points

3rd       Head to head by team match

4th       9 hole playoff


                        Example;       Five teams are tied for seventh place, only two of the five can take the 7th and 8th spots.

Team “A” may have 8-1/2 pts. and “B”, “C”, and “E” are tied at 4-1/2 pts. In this case Team “A” would be in, and the other three would have to use the multiple team tie rule.


Individual Points Winner;


Head to head will be used to break ties. If head to head was a tie or they didn’t play each other, win/loss percentage will be used only for matches that each player played an opponent.



Ties During a Playoff Match;


If the match is tied after 9 or 18 holes, teams will continue playing until one team reaches 3 points or more after a completed hole. All phases of the match are still alive going into the extra hole or holes. Chances are if the team match is down by three after 9 holes, the individual matches will break the tie before the team match could be reversed.




·                     Collection of the closest to the pin money will paid up front for the regular players, thus making it easier to organize before tee off time. Subs can pay on a weekly basis.

·                     League fees this year will still be  $150, This will include:


Ø  Closest to the pin money each week for the regular season. ($40/week given out)

Ø  Regular season prizes.

Ø Outing prizes and beer cost.

Ø Outing food plan

Ø Outing green fees and cart  


Starting Times


The league has the tee from 4:30 to 5:30. All matches should be off before 5:30.


For those of you that can be there between 4:30 and 5 but don’t want to wait for to tee off for 45 minutes the list of times in which each player can be at the course is up on the website. Before you play each team you can look at the list and see if you need to be there early of not. If you are able to be there before the time that is listed for you on a certain week you can call the other team and inform them in case they were going to come at a later time.


Ready Golf


This league traditionally has been torture for the last few teams trying to finish with enough light to play the last 2 holes. Despite the fact that we are starting sooner we still need to play faster as a whole. Sometimes the 2nd or 3rd group has had to wait the whole round for slow play. Some groups don’t see themselves being slow but it is apparent to others who have to wait each week.


A good golfer can be slow just as easily as a bad player. But there are few ways to speed up play if we all follow a few simple steps.


·                     Play our own ball before you look in the woods for another player in our group. This helps greatly for the people on the tee. Most times we see someone hit their ball off the tee on #10 and all players go in looking for it. After 5 or so minutes someone finds the ball and he has only one way out, to hit it back towards the tee. Now after 10 minutes the group on the tee AND the rest behind them have to wait for all 4 players to hit to the green. If we all hit first then go look then the only delay is to wait for 1 player to hit into the green.



·                     Without walking in front of players behind you go to your ball and prepare your shot and club selection so when it is your turn you are ready to play your shot. Until you get to the green or short chip shots you should play ready golf. This means if you are inside another player and he is at his ball yet or is not ready play your shot. This should be done with consideration. For example you don’t want to walk in front of him to play it but if on the other side of the fairway or a different angle it can be done without distraction. This style of play will speed up play for the whole league.



·                    When on the green and it is not your turn think what you are going to do as far as lining up your putt. Be ready to putt when it is your turn. Think of yourself being on the 11th tee waiting for a group to putt and seeing two teammate’s standing together watching someone putt and then after they see the result then walking to their own balls and going through the process of lining up their putts. And worse yet both lining up the same putt. If you can imagine watching that maybe you can understand why it is important to practice ready golf when you are in that situation.



·                     When riding together in a cart it is much faster to drop off the closest player and go to your ball. Depending on the distance between balls he can start walking towards the green and be picked up after the other player has hit. If you are close enough to the green take a wedge and putter with you to avoid walking back to the cart after hitting, especially if your partner parked the cart at the next tee. We all have watched someone walking a mile to a cart asking ourselves “what the hell is he doing?”


These are all things that many of us do but don’t realize it. This suggestion is in now way meant to rush players. I don’t want make anyone have to play a shot badly because they feel rushed and ruin their round. It is meant to comfortably reduce the amount of time needed to play 9 holes.


On a weekend we all would be glad to play a round of golf in 4 ½ hours. But when there is no one in front of our league on Tuesday nights and it takes 2 ¾ hours to play 9 holes it makes you think. This pace would take 5 ½ hours to play 18!!! And to those who wait on every hole for the group in front when they could have been done 30-45 minutes sooner it takes the fun out of playing.


Lets try this year to reduce the amount of time it takes to play and at the same time enjoy it. If we can accomplish this it will not only make the league better for everyone it will also make a difference in everyone’s weekend rounds as well.