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About Us

       Ruff Ryders American Bulldogs is currently based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

       We take pride in breeding our dogs for the love of the breed, not just for the profit
that breeding them can give. Every summer we go to shows to learn more about the breed
and to gain better networking ties, so that we can train and raise our dogs at the highest
possible standards. We take great pride in what we do !

       All of our dogs are out of the Scott and Bama bloodlines. For those of you not familiar
with these bloodlines: The Scott bloodline is the red american bulldog and is trained in
proctection work. While the Bama bloodline is the white american bulldog that is trained for hog
catching. By bringing these two bloodlines together, not only do you get a beautiful dog with
varying markings of red and white, but you also get the best of both training worlds.

       All of our dogs are trained extensively in protection work and we are currently starting
to get into hog trials as well. We'll keep you posted on how the hog trials go as time passes.

       All of our dogs, including the new puppies, are N.K.C. registered, wormed, and has had their
full line of shots.

       Finally all of our puppies are garaunteed against congenital defects. In event of death
or sickness caused by a congenital defect, you will be supplied with a new puppy at no
additional cost. This is a NO Money Back Garauntee.

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