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RESIDENT EVIL: OUTBREAK ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY BY KEVIN MILLIKIN BASED ON THE GAME BY CAPCOM FADE IN: We open on the sight and the sound of falling rain. At first we see nothing, just the gray night sky. Then in the background we hear a thumping sound. Then all of a sudden a helicopter appears it's military standard dark green. SHOCK CUT TO: INT. HELICOPTER. NIGHT There are a band of soldiers inside; all with are armed with M4A1 assault rifles. The soldiers look confused none know what's happing. All these soldiers are Umbrella biohazard Countermeasure Service of U.B.C.S. There is a commander up in front. He's Russian, looks, as if he's in his middle thirties of forties with white short cut hair, his name is Nicholai. He stands up in the bouncing 'copter. NICHOLAI (To all the U.B.C.S.) We are just now informed, that there Has been a biohazard type outbreak in The small town of Raccoon City, were We are heading. There is now more confusion among the soldiers. NICHOLAI (cont.) We are here to rescue any civilians, Of those who aren't infected, we Will be up at the clock tower so-- A soldier raises his hand; his name is JONSON ANDERSON, a young man in his mid twenties. JONSON --But what if they are... infected? There is silence for a few seconds. NICHOLAI ...Shoot them... Even more panic is stirred up in the 'copter. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. RACOON CITY (helicopter). NIGHT We see the U.B.C.S. are jumping out of the 'copter, hooked to a robe and harness, till they touch down on the hard cold ground. CUT TO: JONSON; he's standing there his eyes scanning the open road. JONSON (To himself) Were the hells is everyone? Then above him the 'copter flies off into the setting sun. NICOLAI (Yelling) Fall out! On that all the soldiers scatter. Then the sound of moans fills the night air; all the soldiers stop dead in their tracks. Down the street a group of figures appear slowing making there way to them. JONSON squints hard trying to make them all out. CUT TO: We now see the group of people, there wearing bloody cloths, some ripped, one has part of the skin on his face ripped off, another has it's arm barely hanging on by a chunk of dead skin, but the hand fall's to the ground, them man doesn't feel the pain. They are what we know as zombies! JONSON (o.s.) Holy shit! NICOLAI The infected! Shoot to kill! The zombies make their way, they are know about fifteen feet away. When the soldiers open fire on the group. The bullets are infective on them they are unfazed. The soldiers are still busting them with rounds as the zombies reach them. One of the zombies grabs the soldier standing next to JONSON when he goes to reload this gun. The zombie starts biting at the mans face ripping the skin off, JONSON turns and fires a bullet into the back of the zombies head…killing it, it falls to the ground in a pool of it's and the soldiers blood. SOLDIER FALL BACK! Then the soldier's starts running form the ground of zombies. As JONSON runs he tries to reload his assault rifle but he drops the clip and his gun. JONSON O' shit! But he can stop to get it with out being attacked and or eaten. JONSON still running reaches into his small side pack and pulls out a 9MM handgun. He clicks the safety off. EXT. RACOON CITY (downtown). NIGHT/LATTER We see JONSON running along down an alleyway. The sounds of screams and gunshots are still heard in the background. He keeps running till he comes to the end on the alley. There's a trashed car blocking the exit. Still running he jumps over the hood. EXT. RACOON CITY (open road). NIGHT JONSON looks left then he looks right…nothing there, at the end of the road there a parked fire truck, a dead firefighter's body hangs through the broken windshield, a small river of blood flows from him. Next to that is a large building with a sigh that says: RACOON DAILY NEWS JONSON starts running to it. INT. NEWS PAPER BUILDING (first floor). NIGHT JONSON walks into the lobby, there is a pay phone in the corner, next to two blood stained ripped chairs, which is next to the set of stairs which lead to the next floor. There is a soda machine on the other side of the room. Next to the two zombies. JONSON shoots the closest one in the head, blood flows out of the bullet hole like a flood, the zombie hits the ground hard it's head slightly cracks open and more blood oozes out. JONSON fires at the other zombie, which is next to the soda machine. The fist shot misses at hits the wall, behind it. Dust and plaster flies up in the air. The next shot takes the zombie out. The bullet hits spraying blood on the wall behind it, the zombie then falls back slides down the wall. JONSON moves over to the pay phone he picks it up, and puts the receiver to his ear, but there's a dead silence. Then JONSON madly tosses the phone at the walls it smacks, breaking it, then it falls back dangling by it wire. He then heads to the next floor. INT. NEWS PAPER BUILDING (second floor). NIGHT The second floor is nothing but a link to the third floor, but there is a small platform with a door, the door has been pulled off is lying on the ground. But the room is filled with fire and smoke. JONSON keeps going up to the third floor. INT. NEWS PAPER BUILDING (third floor). NIGHT There's an open window next to the stairs; JONSON looks out the cool night breeze feels cool. After a few seconds of that JONSON walks through the open door with is to the left of the window. The next room is the work of, there are four desks all cluttered with papers and pictures, along dead man is hunched over on the last desk, a squeaky ceiling fan is on over head. Across the room there's a zombie who is facing the wall, then JONSON aims his gun…click! The zombie hears this, and slowly turns, JONSON fumbles to put a new clip in, but like his assault rifle he drops the clip. JONSON Oh... shit... The zombie starts to slowly walk over to JONSON, not wanting to pick up the gun, because he might get attacked in the process. He looks around for something to use. The spots a small desk lamb on the desk next to him. With the zombie just a few feet away from him he rips the lamb from the desk, the cord is pulled from the socked, it sparks and sizzles, JONSON then whacks the zombie in the face, the light bulb breaks into little chucks of glass that stick into the zombies cheek, teeth and blood fly from it's mouth. JONSON hits the zombie again with the lamb, right in the front of the face, crack in the nose, and denting in the lamb. JONSON stumbles back a few feet before he trips over something. IT'S A ZOMBIE! The zombie had been under the desk the whole time; freaked JONSON doesn't know what the hell to do, with his life flashing in front of his eyes. The zombie under the desk bites his boot; it's teeth not strong enough to brake through. He kicks breaking the zombies weak teeth, then with the other foot he kicks the other zombie in the groin, the zombie falls back, on to the tiled floor, JONSON reaches onto the desk to grab something, any thing, JONSON gets a hold of a letter opener. Then with all his might he shove's the letter open into the zombie's forehead, cutting the brain. Then he gets up, and picks up his handgun, the zombie on the ground starts to get up, JONSON pops a fresh clip in. then he walks over to the zombie and pulls the trigger firing two shot's straight into it's head at pointblank range, the zombie falls to the ground dead…again. JONSON Burn in hell... He walks over to on of the desks and picks up one on the newspaper clippings, the clipping reads: CANNABLE VIRUS HITS RACOON CITY! He drops the clipping; it slowly falls to the ground and lands next to his boot. He turns and walks out. EXT. RACOON CITY (open road). NIGHT We see JONSON slowly walking down the street, which is lined with bodies. WOMAN WAIT! Stunned JONSON stops and see a woman running out the door of a clothing store which is next to the news paper building. The girl is tall he looks like he's in his early twenties, Asian, and she's wearing a red mini skirt. She runs up to JONSON. JONSON A survivor! What's your name? GIRL Ada. JONSON Ok Ada, we need to get out of Here. Do you live here? ADA Uh... yeah! JONSON Good, listen do you know were We might find more survivors? ADA Uh…the best place…would be The uh…police station. JONSON Do you have a gun? ADA holds up a small handgun. ADA My best friend… JONSON We've been sent to rescue any Survivors, and take them to Rallying pant at the clock Tower. ADA You'll be good as dead there. The police station is much, Side you might be able to get More ammo and we might find A radio and call out. JONSON Good idea, R.P.D. it is. Come On. EXT. RACOON CITY (downtown). NIGHT We reopen on JONSON and ADA walking down the street, side by side, both with their guns at a ready. ADA What are you with? JONSON What, what do you mean? ADA Who sent you, what are you With? Army, Navy? JONSON Umbrella. I'm a U.B.C.S. Then the large Raccoon Police Department looms in front of them; its large steel gates have been smash open they walk through the open in the gates large enough to fit a car. EXT. RACCOON POLICE DEPARTMENT (front/ outside). NIGHT There's a small path way to the large doors of the building, no zombies in sight. But a dead body lies in a pool of it's own blood, the man was wearing a yellow vest with army camo pants, a large hole is in the pack of his head. They walk into the building. INT. RACCOON POLICE DEPARTMENT. NIGHT The inside is very large, there's a small four-wall desk in the middle of the room, the police station is two stories tall. Once inside ADA runs across the floor. Her black heels clicking as she runs. JONSON STOP! ADA runs to the far door, the stops when she hears him, and she turns and aims her gun at him and pulls the trigger, a shot rings out, then the bullet smacks into his chest. He then fall's back on the ground. ADA YOU CAN'T FUCKIN' STOP ME! YOU FUCKIN' SPY! Then she leaves the room, the door slams shut behind her. JONSON sits up; he pulls off his jacket and lifts up his shirt, to reveal a bulletproof jacket. JONSON Damn... JONSON gets up and slowly walks to the desk in the middle of the room, there is a small computer built into the desk, not knowing what to do JONSON hits the ENTER button, the computer screen then comes to life flashing with colors and different numbers. The screen freezes with the following words in the top left corner: PLEASE ENTER S.T.A.R.S. KEY CARD… He taps the ENTER button again but the screen stays the same, JONSON turns to the other desk next to him, there's a stack of paper, her starts to skim through them, till he comes to a ripped news paper clipping. S.T.A.R.S. BLAMES UMBRELLA FOR MAKING "MONSTERS" He puts the paper back down. Then he walks to the door that ADA ran through after she shot him, his black Army boots hitting the floor had as he walks, the sound echo's through the main lobby of the police station. INT. COMMANDERS OFFICE. NIGHT There's a desk in front of the door, all bloody with a chunk missing from the corner, in the middle of the room, there's a very large desk stacked "mile high" with papers and files. An old ceiling fan swings back and forth over head, there's an office over at the end of the room it's door slightly cracked open. The floor of the room looks as if it had been sprayed red with blood. JONSON starts to make his way through the room, but then he stops and checks under the table of a zombie of two…nothing. JONSON keeps walking to the end of the room to the small door, he pushes it open with his own handgun, the door creek's open. It's a small room, a small desk is in the far corner of the room, and a green lamb is dimly lit, and is giving off enough light to see, the desk is clutter with papers all smeared with what looks like bloody finger prints. There's a man sitting, pushed up against the wall, he's a cop, well at least he's dressed like it. He looks as if he's been stab in the gut. Blood is leaking out of small holes there a big gash in his left side. When the man sees JONSON he aims his handgun at him. POLICE OFFICER The man is clearly hurt because each one of his words is filled with pain, a small trickle of blood flows from the corner of his mouth and nose. JONSON No, I'm JONSON; I've been sent To rescue any survivor-- POLICE OFFICER Are you with LEON? JONSON No...who's LEON? Is he a survivor? POLICE OFFICER NO...he's a cop. A damn good one to, Too make it all the way here. JONSON What's your name? POLICE OFFICER Marvin... JONSON I'm going to take you to our Rallying point, at the clock Tower. MARVIN You're be screwed out of your mind Then you're be hunted by the 'man in Black'. JONSON Who's 'the man in black?' MARVIN He can after JILL, she S.T.A.R.S. it Most likely got her…now. JONSON Well…come on we need to get you out of Here. MARVIN No! No! NOOOOOOOOO! Marvin shoves JONSON back; he hits the open door frame and falls off his feet. MARVIN Just freaking GO! Leave me! I'm fuckin' dying here! JONSON Ok, then. JONSON turns and walks out of the room, and into the next room. INT. LOCKER ROOM. NIGHT The room is very small, because lockers are on all four sides of the room, most have been pulled open and its items have been pulled out. Two dead zombies lay next to each other; a single bullet hole is in their forehead. JONSON walks to the next room. INT. HALL WAY WITH STAIRS. NIGHT There's a long hallway lined with doors. At the end of the hall there's a set of stairs, next to it is a window, which looks like it's been broken into, part of the frame has been smashed in. A female zombie is standing right in front of JONSON with it's back turned to him, the zombie starts to turn…the zombie now face's JONSON the woman once used to be beautiful her brown hair is cut short, her shirt has been ripped and her left breast is showing. JONSON aims and fires--BAM! The shot hits the zombie right in the right eye, white stuff oozes out of the small bullet hole as she falls to the ground dead. JONSON runs down the hall, full speed, till he comes to the stairs, there's another room almost hidden behind the stairs, the corpse of a cop lays face down in front of it. The police officer is holding a shotgun. JONSON walks over to the body with his weapon drawn he taps the body's head with his handgun…nothing… JONSON Hello? JONSON rolls the officer over. We can now see the officer's face. He looks as if his top lip had been completely ripped off. JONSON (cont.) Damn…feel sorry for you. The officer still has his handgun at his side, JONSON grabs it along with a few clips, and then he grabs the shotgun and cocks it. JONSON (cont.) Lock and Load! Then JONSON makes his way up the stairs. INT. SECOND FLOOR. NIGHT The next floor is just one big long hallway; there's a single zombie at the end, JONSON aims, and JONSON fires the shot hits the zombie in the leg, causing it to fall over. JONSON runs to the zombie, who is now trying to get up, he puts the gun to it's head. JONSON Burn in hell! Blood sprays every were, even on JONSON but he doesn't he's just having fun. JONSON walks to the next room. INT. S.T.A.R.S. OFFICE (outside hall). NIGHT This is another long hall; there's a single door in the middle of the wall, with a small sign that reads: S.T.A.R.S. OFFICE. JONSON turns the doorknob…locked. JONSON Damn! The takes a few steps back aims and fires at the knob, chunks of wood fly up from the door. Then the S.T.A.R.S. door slowly swings open. INT. S.T.A.R.S. OFFICE. NIGHT The room is a mess! There are five desks total in the room, at the end there is a small radio set up, that's the first thing that JONSON goes to, he puts on the headset. And starts flicking buttons. JONSON (Into headset) Hello? Anyone? We hear nothing just static. JONSON rips the headset off and drops it; the he aims his shotgun at it-- RAIDO CALLING ALL U.B.C.S. COMANDERS, FALL BACK, TO RALLY POINT, NEXT RACCOON CITY, IT WILL BE NUKED AT 1:00 A.M. OVER AND OUT. JONSON lowers his shotgun. JONSON Raccoon mine? 1:00? JONSON looks at the clock which is mounted on the wall, it reads, 12:05 A.M. JONSON (cont.) Oh shit! JONSON hall's balls out of there. EXT. RACCOON POLICE DEPARTMENT (front/ outside). NIGHT We have a birds eye view of the ground below us as we see JONSON running, he runs to the nearest cop car and jumps in, not caring that there is a zombie in the back seat, but the dead body that is behind the metal block. Lucky that the car still had it's keys in it. Then he just hall out of there. CUT TO: We are know in side the police car, JONSON is doing some heavy breathing, and he has sweat rolling down his forehead. He looks at the clock it reads: 12:51 A.M. Then the clock changes to: 12:52 A.M. JONSON (Looking at the clock) SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! EXT. OUTSKIRTS. EARLY MORNING. We see JONSON "haling balls" down the small quite road, dirt flying up from the tire tracks. CUT TO: We now cut to the clock: 12:58 A.M. JONSON Come on, come on, come on. We now have an angle out side, we see JONSON pass a sigh that reads: YOU ARE NOW LEAVING RACCOON CITY, HAVE A NICE DAY Then we see two fighter jets flying high over head, the just like that the both drop a nuke each, they hit the ground and--KAAAAA--BOOOOOOOOM! EXT. STREETS OF RACCOON CITY. EARLY MORNING We see a dozen zombies walking down the street, then the shock wave hits; all around the building and zombies are turned to ash in the bright yellow light. EXT. OUTSKIRTS. EARLY MORNING. Now JONSON is out of the shock wave he stops, and gets out of the car, and looks up at the sky. Just then a helicopter flies away in the raising run. FADE OUT: ROLL CREDITS Hidden after the we see, three figure slowly walking away from the burning city.