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Who's That Girl?!?!

My name's Erin (or Urn, or Craaaazzy Sheep, or Boyertown, or Sista E, or anythng else you wanna call me, I'm flexible...)That's me in the picture, I'm on the right, on the left is my parter in randomness, Lindsay. As you can see, I've got curly brownish red hair, and blue eyes, and you can't see this cause i'm sitting down, but I'm about 5'8". I'm a junior at Mary Washington College and I'm also an RA in Mason Hall.

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What I'm up to...

So here I am, back at MWC for my third year... I'm an offical religion major, and if one more person asks me what i'm going to do with my major, I just might jump off the roof of Trinkle!! I'm also an RA (mason 506) and I live with the this real cool chick :o) Lyssa and I will be quite a team, dominating the 5th floor and busting residents left and right. more to come...

Time for some "poetry"...directed at no one in particular...

Its too late
He's on the ground, laughing
Not hurt, she hopes...
Its all fun and games until
The girl tackles you and makes you eat dirt
Then its just fun
The subtle relationship games are over
She's not a girl anymore
In 30 seconds she's gone
From an attractive, capable, approachable woman
To a friend who just knocked you over
She's one of the guys
Keeps up with the guys
Does her best to prove
But to prove what?
Where does it ever get her?
It gets her the only place it can
At the bottom of a pile-on
With the guys cheering
And some backing away...
Its a good thing she's "one of the guys"
Because then she won't cry as you break her heart...

9/14/02: You know what's not fair? Being sick on your birthday. Yes, folks, its my birthday, and contrary to popular belief, I'm only turning *20* years old. So I'm sick, and I'm not 21, but guess what just brightened my day as i'm sitting here writing? Lindsay called to wish me a happy birthday! thanks babe, you made my day :o)

9/6/02 : Well i thought i'd try something a little different with my 'bout an weekly section about my issues, complaints, happy thoughts, and ramblings? I know you all will love it...hehe...and if you don't, well, make your own page then!
~ I'm getting over a phase I think. Girls, you know what I'm talking about...when you think you're going to be alone forever, and there's not even any hope left in you that a man exists that could love you... yeah, that's how it feels. Just when you think you've lost hope, you realize that, damnit, you're only 20 years old, and you don't even want a steady boyfriend, let alone have time for a serious relationship. But by then, its too late. Everyone knows. Everyone thinks crazy and that you really will be alone for ever because no boy wants to deal with you. Me, Crazy? nah... Bitter and Cynical? often... but most of the time I'm just Erin.

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What I Love...

GOD, Camp Nawakwa, home-cooked meals, driving fast, listening to good tunes, inside jokes ;o), making scrapbooks and taking pictures, oatmeal creme pies, my home church, apples, hugs, mashed potatoes, sleeping late, staying up late, wearing flip-flops, not being beautiful on society's terms, talking with friends for hours, a good cry, chick flicks, PERKINS! writing in my journal, comfy jeans, reading books for fun, the cartoon version of Robin Hood, GAP Dream, flea markets & antiques, Billy Joel, smelly markers, giving and recieves back rubs, blistex lip gloss, being random, Poolboys, frisbee!, gardening with my mommy, hammocks, Bloody 7's, Intercourse PA, swimming, Religion Classes, Carl's Ice Cream, playing football, hiking in the rain, doing "a whole lot of nothing", mudslides, pfaltzgraff dishes, coffee..mmm...caffeine...ellipses...

What I Do NOT Love...

Drunken Freshman :-P

Vandalism and/or Lampreys


Music of the Moment

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