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This is me. I was at a friend of the family's for Easter dinner, with tons of little kids running around, which I deteste...and I was going completly crazy!!
This pic is of: (left to right) Tasha, Tyler, Chrissy, and her sister Anay. Chrissy is my friend and I love her to death. I dont know Tasha and Tyler, cause they are Chrissy's friends. I've talked to Anay a few times...she seems cool. Love Ya Chrissy.
This is a pic of my sister Jaimie, on the right, and Stephanie, on the left. I love them to death!! I'm gonna get a pic of my brother T.J. up here soon. Hes pretty cool, hes 13 and hes at a weird age where sometimes hes a prick but most of the time he is a complete sweetheart. Its really fun for my sisters and I to gang up on him though!!!
This is a pic of me, in front, and my best friend, Shell. Shell is totally awesome, even though we dont talk as much anymore :( But, yea, we are really close and I love her so much...she is just always there for me no matter what and that is totally awesome!!!
Well, this is pic of Renee. There is sooo much I could say about Renee...all I'm gonna say is that she puts up with my stupid shit and I dont understand WHY! But, yea...thats Renee.
This little girl has stolen my heart, never to be mine again. This is my neice, Makayla(I'm sure I spelled that wrong.) She is one of my best friends,Kelly's, daughter. Ain't she, my neice, the cutest?? I'll have more soon.