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Looking in from the outside
there's nothing to see.
But most people, they
just don't know the real me.
But I've been through more stuff
that most folks know
I've got wounds and scars
that just don't show.
And I cant help it if I hide them
but there still their
If you could see them,
would you still care?

So many people think they know me
But they really don't,
no they really don't.
But if i showed you the real me
would you still care?
Or would you leave me here?

Verse 2-
But if you could see through me
into my soul,
i bet you wouldnt hesitate
to preach, then leave me alone.
It just makes me wonder
who is really here?
Cause if ya knew the real me
would you desirt me
or dry my tears?