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You can now hit speeds of up to 30 mph on these bikes !

They have seats with backs that fold down to make getting on or off easy.
Just roll your wheelchair up behind the bike, lift your legs up to the seat,slide them into the custom made attachable leg supports,and push yourself onto the seat.
Fold the seat back up and you're ready to go.

So now you don't need help !

They have a 28" wheelbase to fit through most doorways.
They are custom designed to meet your personal needs.
They come with several gears for easy peddling.

Steering is easy either with your feet or our swivel seat steering mechanism.
Our 2008 models have a brand new remote contolled steering unit option. With just a slight flick of your thumb or forefinger, you can easily steer your bike.

NEW FOR 2008!

The Ultimate Wheelchair Accessory
Turn your chair into an Easy Hand Peddled Bike
Easy mount brackets fit any wheelchair to provide increased power with less effort.

Several New Styles Designed for Different Types of Disabilities.

Front wheel drive for easier steering.

All bikes now come with optional electric or gas assisted powered motors.

Quadriplegic models which only require the ability to rock the upper body back & forth.

Explore New Horizons & Enjoy Your Freedom With
Emery's Custom Made Hand Peddled Trikes

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