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Disclaimer-Everything found in print or read between the lines in this site is subject to my definition of words such as, IS, AN, AT, AS, SEX and any other word I feel needs defining to suit my purposes. This site is based primarily on one persons opinions, veiws, facts as he reads them, conjecture, primarily what is out there for everyone to find if they want to, nothing in here is intentionaly misrepresented but if anything doesn't set right with some of you I will be happy to re-think or re-write provided you can supply concrete proof that I am actually wrong about anything I've written down in this site, understand this, I will change for correctness only I will not change any content because you don't think it's appropriate, I do not buy into the political correctness thing so don't expect me to change anything for that reason either. Make no mistake, these are my opinions and I WILL stand by them.

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Hello and welcome to my little corner of this great big thing they call the internet, let me introduce myself, My name is Reverend Rich Urban, I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

My outlook on life is simple, TO EACH HIS OWN, as long as your own doesn't infringe greatly upon someone elses OWN ( like mine) or vise a versa. But I would be willing to bet that if you read and understand all that you find written here in this site, I believe it should at least give you a reason to consider what I have said as a reasonable argument for some serious change in the way this country is being run. Not all of you I'm sure, I realize a lot of you will require quite a bit more prodding, but I know quite a few of you out there are just looking for someone to steer you in the right direction.

I will however express my views on things however I deem appropriate, many of which are unpopular. So I am also quite sure a lot of what you read here will irritate and or infuriate more than one right thinking person out there enough to call me names and who knows what else. Have at it. So to those of you who believe yours are the only appropriate views, be warned that if you air your views here that gives me the opportunity to pick them apart, which I will happily do with extreme prejudice. So let's get this straight right up front,I really don't care if you like me or not, lots of people don't, it doesn't actually bother me. I will however be happy to listen to your point of view, after all everyone is entitled to their opinion,(however ridiculous it may be), just so long as you don't try to impose it on me or expect me to jump in line behind you. I am a realist so I don't often sugar coat what I've got to say, it will come out load and bold, so if you are easily offended this is probably not the place for you.

First and foremost let me say that the church name implies a lot and should be taken seriously. I am a firm believer in the "CONSTITUTION" and the "BILL OF RIGHTS", they were written and applied to us with expectations that we would follow and abide by them without exception. Anyone trying to interpret them out of existence by saying this part or that doesn't apply in these times needs to re-think thier ideals . Let me say that they APPLY AS MUCH NOW AS THEY DID WHEN THEY WERE WRITTEN and I think it is high time some of the politicians out there start to realize this. I also believe that the more lackadaisical of you out there need to get off your asses and let your congressmen and local representatives know how you feel about some of the sorry, illegal and unconstitutional laws they let slip by them to get passed by that fool we had for a president for eight years. It's time they started standing up for our rights as a free people.

I am also a devout realist so a lot of my views are not popular with the welfare and abortion people. I really don't care, I believe it's time to take a realistic approach to the ways that are nessesary to change the welfare system, and abortion can be a useful tool for that change.

Let's get down to the basis for this site. There are a lot of things the average person either doesn't care about or doesn't want to know about, I believe it's high time someone force fed this stuff to them and gave them a wake up call. If this is what it takes to do that then so be it. Seems like the only way to get peoples attention these days is to put everything on the internet, and that's just what I intend to do.

REMEMBER THIS-when they convince the people that they need to give up thier guns because they are dangerous, only the government and criminals will have guns. And then the government will be even more dangerous than it is now. When that happens WE LOSE !!!! The time to fight back is now, so join the fight. Write your congressmen and representatives and let them know how you feel !

Please sign my guest book while you are here and don't be afraid to drop in to the feedback section and leave you comments, opinions, thoughts or just to let me know what you think about my site. Send all your friends here too, the more input we get the better.

Thanks, REV. RICH

Lead, Follow or get the hell out of my way, I'M COMIN' THRU !

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July 28, 2004. Starting to update this site and bring it up to our current post 9/11 times. Thanks for your patience. Thanks, Rev. Rich

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