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Dr. Bill Adams, P.G., P.E.

Engineer, Geologist, & Educator

661 East Beau Street, Washington PA 15301

I am a geotechnical engineer and engineering geologist committed to educating our young people and developing a well trained and educated workforce. Also, in my old age and realizing the error of my ways, I've become a staunch conservative.

My area of specialization is landslides and rockfalls.

See more below on my personal background, education, experience,etc.

Also, below are useful links to educational information and web sites including information on the importance of the arts in education.

Click here for personal information on Bill Adams.

Click here for information on Bill Adams' activities as School Director and his involvement in educational acivities.

Click here for Bill Adams' view of educational issues in the Washington School District and links to data on the Washington District's performance from various sources.

Click here for information on the Hatch Act and how it threatens our civil liberities.

Click here for information on parent and community involvement.

Click here for information on the Citizen Advocates for Reform in the Educational System (CARES).

Click here for information on current educational issues.

Click here for other websites with educational information.

Click here for information on arts in education.

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