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"After months of searching for the perfect trainer without any success, I was fortunate enough to find Adam's name while searching on the internet. Adam demonstrated both a vast knowledge of fitness training and weight management along with a genuine concern for the client-Me! I was very out of shape and pessimistic that I owuld ever be able to get into shape and relatively good health. Through hard work and much sweat, I lost an amazing 3% body fat and gained 9 lbs. of lean muscle mass in one month, not to mention lowering my resting heart rate and blood pressure... I now realize that the success of any program must start and remain within the individual, but the key to nurturing this winning attitude lies within a knowledgeble and caring trainer. From the very begining Adam promised that he would get me results. I am glas to say that he has kept his promise, and I know that I would not have gotten this far without his help and guidance. His schooling, credentials and experience speak for themselves, but his true and genuine desire and concern to help his client's achieve thier goals is what makes him unique...I am proud to say that after three months, I look and feel great!!!" Mark Coker

“Thank you so much for your expertise and time, your professional manner, and kindness.” Joel and Tess Harnick
“I paid close attention in your class. The subject matter is great, and you are a really personable and interesting presenter....I do appreciate the time and advice that you have given me.” Jodi
“You are definately a gifted instructor...More instructors of your caliber are desperatly needed. Our jobs, as instructors, is just that, not only to have fun, but to help people reach their goals in fitness... The techniques and styles you reviewed was exactly what I was looking for.” Heidi
“I came to Aspen fitness unhappy with my physical condition. Although I worked out often, my shape was not tone and I need to lose some weight (so I thought). After working with Adam from Aspen Fitness, My body is in the best physical shape ever. I came in thinking the more pain the better("Work me till I drop!). I complained if he made me wait 60 seconds between reps. He told me to listen to him and see the benefits. HE WAS RIGHT! My body is more tone and balanced than ever before. His style is educational. If I have a question on a certain exercise or muscle group, he really takes the time to educate me on the subject. In the end, I am happier physically and emotionally and am no longer concerned with the scale. I even went up in weight adding muscle but the effect looks like I actually lost which was the real goal. I would highly suggest going to Aspen fitness. It has been a great experience for me!” Colleen D. Brady
CRM Sales Consultant
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