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ASPEN Personal Fitness Consultants
"Making American Healthy, One Person at a Time."

Personal Training Price Sheet

Personal Training:


A set of 12 sessions=$75.00/sessions(a 25% savings!!!)

Special Family or Group Rate (12 Sessions)=$60.00/Session(group of 2-3)
$50.00/Session(group of 4 or more)

Includes the following:
-One-on-one personal training session.
-Monitored and updated exercise prescription.
-Educational concepts about fitness and exercise.
-Heart rate monitoring (if necessary)
-Blood pressure monitoring (if necessary)
-A fun and enjoyable experience!!!
* The minimum time necessary for noticeable bodily changes is approximately 12 weeks (if training 2-3 times per week)
Personal Training sessions are performed at the location of your choice.

-Your own home using your equipment or our equipment.
-Your office using the office fitness facility or our equipment.
-Your current health club or fitness facility.
-ASPEN's private fitness facility.
Payment Plan:
We accept cash,check,or Visa/Master Card
-If Paying by check, please make the check payable to ASPEN
-If a check is returned with NSF, a $15.00 charge will be incurred

-Payment is to be made in full before each scheduled session for the $100.00 rate.

-Payment is to be made in full ($900.00) for the discounted 12 sessions rate of $75.00/session or in full ($720.00) for the family/group plan at $60.00/session.


-$200.00/hour (length of seminar will normally run 2-3 hours)

Includes the following:
-Two host speakers.
-Travel expenses.
-Set-up and break down time.
-Lecture handouts.
-Fitness and nutrition interactive game show.
-Audience gifts and prizes for game show.
-Question and answer segment.
-Topics include exercise and nutrition, and related health, medical, and sports medicine information ( you must request a specific topic of discussion prior to the scheduled seminar).


Weight Management:

A nutritional program will be set-up for you folloeing the ACE, ACSM, ADA, adn ESHA guidlines for proper, safe, and effective weight loss or weight gain. A nutritional diary will be analyzed following your food intake for one week. From this diary, you will be given a set of guidelines to help you reach yoru target weight. The in depth nutritional couseling will be performed with state-of-the-art computerized nutrional softeware and written questionnaires.
$75.00/hour (cost is billed per hr of service necessary to complete the nutritional program).

Supermarket Shopper: "Healthy Selections I" (How to Beat the Supermarket):

Learn how to shop the healthy way, the ASPEN way. We will take you or a group of you to the supermarket and show you how to choose food that will meet your nutritional needs, healthfully. Food labels will be interpreted and analyzed. You will be able to read and understand the entire food label. Marketing gimmicks placed on the food labels will be dispelled. All of these benefits are available so that you may become an educated and healthy supermarket shopper for you and your entire family. At the completion of this course you will recieve a certificate signifying you as "a healthy selections supermarket shopper."
$210.00/person (includes 3 hr session: 75 min lecture, and 75 min shopping at the supermarket).
$75.00/hour(includes supermarket shopping only).

Restaurant COnnoisseur: "Healthy Selections II"

Learn how to eat nutritionally sound foods at some of the least expected fast food and dining restaurants. We will provide single or group seminars teaching you the nutritional content of the foods, whether or not these foods fall into healthy dietary choices, and the best restaurants for dining out healthfully. Following the class time, you, or a group or you, will be taken to a few restaurants to learn the art of eating right. At the completion of this course, you will be given a certificate signifying you as "a healthy selections restaurant connoisseur." After this course , you will geel confident that you can choose healthy meals in almost any restaurant, at any time.
$280.00/Person (this is a 4 hour intensive seminar which includes class time, question and answer sessions, trips to several restaurants, and a restaurant lunch).
$75.00/hour (includes restaurant shopping only).

The Food Menu Planner: "Healthy Selections III"

We will develop a food menu for you which will help you to meet your nutritional needs. It will also enable you to stay within (for weightloss) or above (for wieght gain) your recommended caloric intake depending on you needs. This program is easy for you because the meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are written for one week programs by our computerized nutrition and diet program.
$75.00/hour (cost is dependent upon the amout of time necessary to devise a plan that is suitable for you).