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ASPEN's Policies & Procedures

1) All clients must have a full fitness assessment and evaluation prior to beginning an exercise program. There are no exceptions!

2) Proper dress attire should be worn by clients (i.e. shorts, tee shirts, sweats, sneakers).

3) A towel for perspiration and for the protection and cleanliness of the equipment should be brought.

4) A water bottle filled with water should be brought to each session for hydration purposes.

5) Each session will run in duration for approximately 30 min to 1:30 min.

6) All scheduled sessions that must be cancelled, must be done 24 hours prior to the session otherwise the client will be charged for the session. There are no exceptions! The session may however be made-up within the same week so as not to loose the training session. There are no refunds!

7) Each 12-session package program must be used within a 12 week time period. Therefore, one session per week is the minimum times per week for scheduled training sessions. (Remeber, 3-5X's per week is recomended for the greatest and fastest results!)

8) Referrals are the mainstay of our business, so we appreciate all of your efforts to promote ASPEN's personal training, nutrition, rehabilitation, kickboxing, and self-defense services. To show our appreciation for your kindness, we offer 2 free training sessions for every referred client that signs for the 12-session package.

ASPEN Personal Fitness Consultants
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