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Consulting Services Agreement

The Parties to this agreement are the following:


Adam Freedmen
1715 E. Butler Pike
Ambler, PA 19002


The consultant will consult with and advise the client in a one-on-one or group personal training session and/or a nutritional counseling session.

Fees & Expenses:

-The consultant will be paid $300.00 for an initial fitness assessment, evaluation, and personalized exercise prescription.
-The consultant will be paid $100.00/session (estimated duration of one hour).
-The consultant will be paid $900.00 or $720.00 (group/family program) in full prior to the start of the 12 session personal training package.
-The consultant will be paid $75.00/hour for nutritional services from any of the four package programs unless otherwise instructed.
A 24 hour notice is required to re-schedule or cancel a training session. Session payments are nonrefundable, but may be made uo within that ssheduled week in order to recieve credit for the session. A "No Show" by the client will constitute the cost of a full one training session of $50.00-$75.00. All payments are payable in cash, check, or Visa/Master Card and are due on the date of each training session. If a check is returned, cash will be required for all future payments. Checks will be made payable to ASPEN.
Thank you for your business!

By signing here, I agree to the program and payment policy.

Client's Signature___________________________

Consultant's Signature ___________________________