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“The Path to Mastery” chapter: 2
By: Vulpix Master
Bob and Nikki had just gotten to pallet when a trainer was before them.”Hah Bob, I see you have a pokemon...”eyeing Bob’s pokeball”then let’s fight! “she shouted ”No not Traci!”Bob said “who’s Traci?”Nikki asked ”Don’t ask.”Bob said throwing his pokeball. vulpix popped out”vullll-pix!”Okay, a vulpix, go pokeball!” Traci shouted. Then a pikachu popped out”piiii-ka” “Pikachu quick attack!”Traci commanded”u-uh.. vulpix, DO ANYHING!” Then vulpix used agility. pikachu ran *smack* in to the wall and fainted “No pikachu!”Traci said running to pikachu “I’ll get you next time!”And ran off.
Vulpix was still outside the pokeball“You did good in that battle Bob.” “No, I didnt know what move to use, I should study. There,” He said pointing to professor Ako’s house” go and choose one of the 3 remaining pokemon and I’ll be at my house studying.”Then pointed in the directions to his house”But I thought you said there was 4 pokemon to choose from.”Nikki said “That pikachu was one of them, and Traci got him, so there is only 3 left. Go now”Bob said “Okay”walking off. Later Nikki was back. “Hi, check out my pokemon!”She said throwing the pokeball. A growlithe popped out. “growwwwlthe!” “cool, a growlithe!”Bob said stuffing his pocket pokemon study book in his pocket “So where to?”Bob said”I guess Varidian City.”Nikki said. And headed to Varidian.
Bob and Nikki made it to Varidian at about 11:00.”Hey Bob, think we should eat?”Nikki said””You can, I have to study more.”Nikki trailed off and Bob sent out vulpix.Then he closed his eyes to consentrate, but didn’t notice that he dropped his pokeball. Vulpix grabbed it and ran off.” Hey Vulpix get back here!”after a while Bob caught up with Vulpix.”Hey, I get it. You dont like being in pokeballs right?””Vul.”Vulpix agreed “Okay then, you can stay out.”just then Nikki found them. Her Growlithe was out too.”Hey, does Your growlithe not like pokeballs either?””You mean your Vulpix doesn’t too? Neat!Here I brought you some food Bob, and you better eat it.””You sound just like my mother.””THAT WASN’T FUNNY! Growlithe Torch him!”growlithe obeyed, and fried Bob”...ow..Look lets just goto Varidian Forest okay?”Bob said”What about the gym here?”Nikki asked “I’m not ready yet, by the time I come back, I’ll be ready!” And they ran twards Varidian Forest.