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“The Path to Mastery”
By: Vulpix Master

Bob woke up with a sore back, after rolling out of bed the night earlier, dreaming of being a pokemon master. Bob has short blonde hair, and is short as well. He slowly woke up..” oww, dang what happened? Man my back hurts!” He slowly got stuff for breakfast and ate it slowly “Remember today is your big day!” Bobs mom said. Bob snapped” WHAT?” “”I thought you knew, today you get your pokemon license!” she said ” OH NO, how could I forget?” he said. Then he dashed out the door on the way to Prof Ako’s house. when he got there he checked his watch. It was 4:00AM. “hmm I guess I’m a little early..” as he rang the doorbell. Prof Ako answered “Mmmm..huh? Bob? what are you doing here this early! Oh well go Into my lab, I will be there in a second.” Ako said. After a couple of minutes, Ako finally showed up. “OK Bob, I have five pokemon for you to choose. They are Growlith, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Meowth and Vupix.” in a flash Bob grabbed Vulpix’s pokeball.” Erm thats Bulbasaurs pokeball..” Ako said “uh yeah I knew that...yeah” then he grabbed the right pokeball. “OK and here is your pokemon license” Ako said. “Thanks alot Professor Ako!” as he walked back home to look at his pokemon, Vulpix. Later that day at 6:00 AM, Bob had finished showing Vulpix to his mom. He headed out of pallet, onto the trail to Varidian City. Then suddenly, a girl leaped from a nearby tree. She landed in front of Bob. The girl said” I challenge you to a pokemon duel........erm well thats what i'd like to say.....but I don’t have my pokemon yet...will you help me?” “”hmm” Bob said” okay, I will hel-””YEAH!” she said” oh sorry I forgot, my name is Nikki! nice to meet you!” “ you too” Bob said.Bob snapped"That's it!""Whats it?""There is only four trainers from pallet including me."Bob explained"Professor Ako has five pokemon! If we hurry, we can get there to choose from four!" Then they ran for pallet.