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Gold And Silver Versions

What is so Golden About it?
Well, there are 100 new pokemon!!!plus it has an internal clock, so you experiance day, and night! speaking of time, shops open and close, and certain pokemon anly come out at night! Also, it is in full color!All of the old gang is there too, that makes pikachu with 250 pals!
Yes there is some new pre-evolutions. Like:Pichu, Pi, and Pupurin. I bet you can figure out who they are from,(Pikachu, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff)How do you get them? well I dont know. Is there a stone like the mythical mist stone? Do you use a devoulution spray like in thhe TCG? Are they rare? Many questions no answers.... yet. There is still little known about Gold And Silver.
pics thanks to eagb