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A little about ME!
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Aight! Here's a little bit on moi!
My full name is Sylvia Jane Royal, my name means Maiden of the forest. UMM, some of my nicknames are Stormy, and Sullee. I'm 19 years old, and my b-day is July 20th.
I'm 4 credits shy of being a sophomore at California University of Pennsylvania. My intended major is early childhood and elementary education, but, I might end up changing who knows! Don't have a boyfriend. Period. End of story. Got burned and the scars are gonna last awhile.
Uhh I live wit my dad, (when I'm not at school) and he drives me nuts. But I return the favor immensely ;-) I still love him tho, (MOST of the time)
I totally LOVE tornadoes and storms. I'm a total weather fanatic I stare at clouds and could tell you if it's gonna rain tomorrow. Forget the meteorlogists on TV I go by MY instincts!!!!! :o)
I love writing poetry, I love reading, and computers, also of course web design. I love making jewelry and designing fabric paint on clothing etc. I would like to start my own business some day
I love different types of music, and we're talking many different types here. Everything from pop, hip hop, and R & B to new age, modern rock and my new fave COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!! I totally love music, it's a part of my life!
Uh, also I'm part Native American (Monacan) and probably something else, I dunno lol. I do know that my totems are the wolf, dolphin, and eagle (according to my dad) I am also part West India Indian, Caucasion, and African American. And what ever esle LOL! But I am very proud to be blessed with all these different nationalities. (ok, I know my spelling may not be up to par. so sue me!)
Ok, now you can go to the next page and see pix of me