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Existing Icons of St. Raphael

Welcome to my album of icons of St. Raphael. I would love to receive more icons of him for inclusion here; any information about them would be appreciated, too.

OCA Icon

This is the icon you could buy at the canonization at the St. Tikhon Seminary Bookstore. This is also the print they handed out after you venerated the relics at the canonization services. It is the work of Father Theodore Jurewicz and it was commissioned by Metropolitan Theodosius especially for the Glorification.

Wichita Cathedral Icon - adjusted

This is an adjusted version of the icon at Bishop Basil's St. George Cathedral in Wichita. I added the halo affect with Photoshop, since he's canonized now. I'll try to get the copy of his actual icon in here, too.

Topeka, Kansas - private collection

Icon of St. Raphael, written in 1999 by John Lickwar for Priest John Mack of Ss. Peter and Paul (Antiochian) Church in Topeka, Kansas