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Associates of St. Raphael in America

Many holy people worked with St. Raphael here in America, to support his missionary work among both the Syro-Arabs and the Russians. Some of them have been formally recognized as saints of the church; some were even martyred for the faith under the communist yoke. May their memory be eternal.

Holy Patriarch and Confessor Tikhon of Moscow

Righteous Priest Alexis of Wilkes-Barre and Minneapolis

St. John Kochurov, Protomartyr of the Soviet Revolution

Holy Martyr Alexander Hotovitsky

Bishop Innokenty

Metropolitan Platon


The collection of photos contained here is not meant to be exhaustive. Unless there is a particular reason (eg, a photo of the person with St. Raphael), I'm probably going to limit each of these sub-pages to about 3 photos and icons. If you think you have better quality photos/icons, I'm more than willing to receive them. I am also VERY open to receiving more information about the relationship of these and other people, including laymen, with St. Raphael.