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Antiochian Music in Byzantine Chant for St. Raphael


Complete Antiochian Archdiocese Hymns for St. Raphael
Akathist Hymn for St. Raphael

With my apologies, the complete collection of sheet music is not currently available for download; Angelfire cut my disk space by 60% and I had to eliminate it. All music is still available, but you have to download it individually.

Great Vespers Music

Lord, I Call - Psalm verses in tone 1 (Byzantine Chant

Lord, I Call - 3 stichera stanzas (tone 1) and doxastikon (tone 6); dogmatikon is variable.

Aposticha - 3 stanzas (tone 2); and doxastikon and dogmatikon (tone 4).

Apolytikia - tone 3.

Orthros Music - In Progress

First Kathisma Hymn - tone 1 (melody: The Soldiers Keeping Watch)

Second Kathisma Hymn - tone 3 (melody: Awed by the Beauty)

The First Polyeleos - this is not from the menaion but is a composition by Mitri al-Murr, a Protopsaltis of the Antiochian Patriarchate of the last century. This includes the music for the first psalm of the polyeleos and the ending that follows the Eclogaria. The second psalm (O Give Thanks unto the Lord...) is well known to Antiochian Village campers and can be obtained from many Antiochian sources; perhaps one day I'll put it in here.

Third Kathisma Hymn - tone 4 (melody: Joseph Marveled)

Kontakion - tone 3 (melody: Today the Virgin)

Exaposteilaria - tone 3 (melody: Verily, I Behold Thy Bridal Chamber)