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Sylvia's News
Hello. Welcome to The Website News Page

August 30, 2001-New poems have been added and the journal has been updated (finally!)
November 21, 2001-Just updated some links that's far!!
January 20, 2002-Just updated some fonts and added new info onto the Welcome page but if you've already been there you've already seen it-LOL :-P
May 28, 2002-Just updated my summary page and the pet page.
October 17, 2002-Just updated some fonts and just stuff in general.
December 8, 2002-Updated the first page and updated/deleted some links.
January 9-10, 2003-The remodeling has begun in earnest!!!!! :o)
April 9, 2003-Yay!!!! Literary Gallery IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 16, 2003-Journal updated again!!!!!!
October 5, 2003-Lots of new pix are up!!!!
December 17, 2003-Damn I'm really bored...Updated the journal twice in one week!!!