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This page was created over the Labor Day Weekend, 1999. It's idea has been bouncing around my head for months. I have spent many an evening, cup of coffee in hand, glancing up at the miner, trying to envision what they went through, from the earliest immigrant trying to provide for a family in the "New World", to the modern day miner, struggling to keep alive a profession and tradition that is up against ever increasing obstacles. These pages, may help sum up what I have felt.
If you would ask me what the most inspiring part of the memorial and park is, without a doubt, it would have to be the memorial bricks placed in the walkway.

Organizations and companys can always manage to come up with money to support worthy projects such as this, but when family members contribute to honor one of their own, it's moving.

Take a look at the bricks, and they tell a story of their own.

Breaker boys, survivors, and family traditions, enshrined forever so the world can see.

An overview of the bricks

Heroes, nicknames, and neighbors

For more information on memorial bricks,