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State Street Presbyterian Youth Group

Welcome to the section of the site set aside for the Youth Group! We're blessed with your visit and invite you to have a look around our lil' nook of the net. We do various fundraising activities throughout the year to save towards the annual Work Camp to that year's designated location. While here you can take a look at our various activities both past and present, including a history of our past trips through a pictoral section. Have fun and may the peace of the lord go with you!

*~*~*~* CURRENT NEWS: 10/14/00 *~*~*~*

-Today is the day of the Presbytery-Wide Youth Rally!! I plan to take tons of pictures as well as put up a special section for it as soon as everything is developed! Youth from all over will be gathering in the recently completed Hamilton Hall area. Live music will be performed by Selah! I can't wait!

-Bottle drive funraiser stands at $263.50. If members of the Church have deposit bottles laying around the house, bring them to the church in a clean plastic bag and give them to either Joanne or Kay Koch. Thanx!

*~*~*~* WORK CAMPS IN DEPTH *~*~*~*

1996-- Cape Cod, MA

1997-- Schenectady, NY

1998-- Hebron, NY

1999-- Cape Cod, MA

2000-- Hebron, NY (the return engagement)

1999 Retreat-- "Of Water and Spirit"