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10/14/00-- I added another photo album to the Misc. Photos. These ones are of the murals in Hamilton Hall. I also recieved some e-mails referring to the ad banners that Angelfire runs at the top of our pages. We do NOT support online gambling, etc, but unless we can get our own domain name, there's little I can do about that right now. In exchange for using Angelfire, we have to run their ad banner.
Domain names cost money, but if the church is willing to re-emberse me the cost, I'll be willing to try. If you have specific ideas about a name we could use or are willing to talk about the cost, e-mail me. This is my home account e-mail address, so I will give you a very fast response.

8/30/00-- Added new photo albums from the "Week in the Streets" event that took place at the church this past weekend. Thanks to ZING for the online albums!

7/4/00-- Pictures and MAJOR content added to the Youth Group Page. MANY Work Camp '00 pictures have been uploaded, with more still to come so make sure you stop by there! Also, there is something QUITE wrong with the hitcounter. We are looking into the problem. In the meantime, whatever number it gives you (if it's a single or double digit number-- which is what it seems to be showing right now) add about 200 hits to that and you have the correct number.

6/15/00-- Updates to the Sunday School and Youth Group sections of this site.

6/10/00-- I must appologise for the lack of updates, but Final Exams began and this site kinda went on the backburner **sheepishly blows dust off the site**. Now that finals are over, though, and summer vacation has begun, I will be updating weekly once again. Today I fixed the calendar and added information about this Sunday's performance of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

5/6/00-- This site has been added to the PresbyRing Webring. Check out the other sites in our new affiliate webring!!

4/23/00-- Another long break between updates!! Uber-sorry!! Okay, calendar updates as well as Sunday School and Youth Group page updates!!!

03/21/00-- Updated the calendar. Sorry updating took so long, the webmaintainer has been VERY busy!!

02/21/00-- Some new pictures in the Youth Group section and Youth Group news updates as well as weekly changes made to the calendar.

02/14/00-- New links, updated calendar, new information on the Youth Group from the last Christian Education meeting, and a new addition in the prayers section of our site.

02/05/00-- Revamped the history section and added photos from 1955 pamphlet of the church. Also a few more updates on the Youth Group page.

02/03/00-- Weekly Calendar update. Also updates on the Youth Group and Sunday School pages. More to come soon in the article archive!!

01/25/00-- Calendar Updated for this week as well as some minor changes on the Youth Group's page. Also added a brand new archive of articles from the newspaper and other sources about the church.

01/21/00-- Not as much an update as a warning to all those out there that this kind of behanvior will not be tolerated. It has come to the attention of this web maintainer that some very disturbed and perverted people have signed some VERY inappropriate and disturbing things in the guestbook. This behavior under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will be tolerated and you will recieve a VERY NASTY E-Mail should you choose to amuse yourself in this fashion. If you have a problem with religion or us, then that's your own concern, but PLEASE LEAVE THESE EXPLICIT THINGS OUT OF OUR GUESTBOOK!!!!!! Thank you.

01/20/00-- Added a section for special prayers and concerns. Stop by and remember those that appear on that page in your prayers!

01/17/00-- Weekly calendar updates.

01/15/00-- Minor updates to the Youth Group and Calendar sections as well as another addition in the history section.

01/07/00-- Updates on the Youth Group page including a section dedicated to a retreat recently taken by the group called "Of Water and Spirit".

01/02/00-- The Sunday School has it's section up and running now. Also, weekly updates to the calendar have been made.

01/01/00-- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! No Millenium Bug! The tour of the church is now officially open for buisness!! ENJOY!

12/30/99-- The Youth Group has moved into it's section of the site with current news for all to check out and a timeline of past Work Camps for your enjoyment!

12/26/99-- State Street Presbyterian Church launches it's new internet home! THANKS BE TO GOD!