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A Brief History of SSPC

The first Sunday School and prayer meeting was held on October 25th, 1866, and the Sabboth School organized on December 16th of that year. The fist chapel on upper State Street was dedicated on October 13th, 1867. With an original membership of 16 the 'East Avenue Presbyterian Church' was organized April 1, 1869 with the Rev. George Alexander, D.D. installed as the first pastor on January 20th, 1870.

In 1876 on the present site at State and Catherine streets, a church of brick construction was dedicated and this structure was destroyed by fire on October 17th, 1885.

The cornerstone for the present structure was laid in 1886. It was completed at a cost of about $35,000 and was dedicated on February 5th, 1888.

By an act of the State Legislature the name was changed to 'State Street Presbyterian Church' on March 15th, 1905.

Dedication of the new Education building was carried out on Sunday, December 16th, 1956.