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State Street in the News!!

Article Archive!

The webmistress has begun collecting and transcribing past and present articles which have mentioned or featured the church. Some are currently without dates, but I'm looking into filling in those blanks as best and as soon as possible. If you have an article, you can E-Mail it to me. If you could transcibe it, (type it up) for me, that would be great, but it's not required. Thanks!

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1/1/00 --- MURALIST TRANSFORMS CHURCH'S GYM WALLS (Sch'dy church benifiting from artist vision)

????? --- SUNDAY BLUES CONCERT IS CLOSE TO MIRACULOUS (concert held at State Street featuring many local blues artists)

7/13/1886 - THE CORNER STONE LAID (an extremely rare article from the old "The Daily Union" newspaper in Schenectady about the first steps in the creation of the church)---- COMING SOON!