As long as we have Memories, yesterday remains,
As long as we have Hope tomorrow awaits,
As long as we have Friendship, today is beautiful.

MARCH 6TH, 2001

Back tracking to this past January, Leigh was at it again. Heading for New Jersey, Leigh and Bob met up with Lurline, and spent a week at Lurline's home. They enjoyed a wonderful and active seven days. To their delight, they were able to get tickets to a Broadway play in New York City - Miss Saigon - and managed to squeeze in a visit to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum as well. They ran out of time and nearly froze to death as NYC is mighty chilly in January - the girls said they're hoping to be able to make it back in the Fall and continue sightseeing in NYC.


This was just called to my attention. While Bob and Leigh were visiting Lurline, Maddy (Piggynose) and her hubby, Tom, had them over to their home for cocktails one afternoon.   They also joined Lurline, Leigh and Bob out to lunch another day at a local Country Club.. Sure sounds like they had a nice time by the looks of this picture.

Our latest get together took place in Bradenton, Florida. Carol headed south this February 27th, to spend time with our gal Sal (Sally). I haven't gotten the complete low down yet, but I'll keep you all posted. In the mean time, you can enjoy this swell picture of them. It was taken the day Carol arrived. They sure were happy to see each other!

That first afternoon the girls's hung out and talked and talked and talked. In the early evening Sally took Carol to the Elks. They had a wonderful evening of music and drinks.

Wednesdsay--Sally had business to attend to, so Rita ( Misatir) took Carol on a sight seeing tour. Rita, having lived in Maine, swaped lots of hunting stories and Venison recipes with Carol.

Thursday, they went to Tampa Bay Downs (race track) They both lost, but had lots of fun.

Friday night Sally, June and Carol, went out for a wonderful big seafood dinner at a great place called "The Oyster Bar".

Saturday, they went up to Plant City to their Strawberry Festival. Then went to a show and saw Ricky Van Shelton (country singer, naturally) After the show they ate huge bowls of strawberry short cake.

Monday, was to be a day of deep sea fishing in the Gulf, but that bad storm came in and they decded on some shopping. Rita invited them over to her place for dessert.

Tuesday morning, after coffee, hugs and a tearful goodbye, Carol was on her way to the airport. Another good time was had!!

This past fall, Ron aka Socaron, and Stella aka StellaHanna, had their first meeting. Ron is from California Stella is from Florida Ron headed south to visit friends and family. He was staying within 15 minutes of Stellas home. So, Ron hopped on his trusty bike and road over to visit Stella.

He got there in time to hook up Stella's new toy...her printer. The few men we have in our "room" are all gentlemen, kind, and have always been ready to help anyone one of us.

Here we go guy's, another reunion. This time Mary aka MarMac34, and Jean M. aka JMD-48, got together in upstate New York. JeanM is from Buffalo, and Mary is in Fredonia.

It was March 27th. in Hamburg, NY -Mac Donalds, where Mary and her daughter and grandson went to meet Jean. They all hit it off, because of having the same interests in a craft about plastic canvas. They compared projects. They would have had a half hour more time to spend with each other, but Mary sat in the car watching for JeanM to come at upper end of parking lot, Jean was on the other end waiting for Mary. Mary saw a white station wagon turn in, even got out of car to see where it parked, but couldn't find it, so went back to her car and, waited & waited & waited. Then she saw a white station wagon waaaaaaay down the other end with a woman in it. Mary walked down (brave wasn't she??) it was Jean. They both went inside and started yaking.

Another fun get together! As you can see below, the rain didn't faze them!!



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