February, 2001

Your resident FSO writer is back, and long over due. Well, it's almost a year since the Atlantic City get together. It still brings fond memories for most of us. Many have remained solid friendships, and incited many other meetings. They came from as far away as California, to Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, and Kentucky, just to meet their online friends.

Jean and Jackie, aka Jharlow and Jhooser, got together shortly after the meeting in Atlantic City. I believe it was July.
Jean is in Michigan,
Jackie is from Indiana.

Jackie was going to be visiting her daughter in Holland, MI. Jackie's daughter drove her to Applebees Restaurant to meet Jean. They hit it off immediatly, and said the lunch went by all too quickly. With no further ado, here they are:

Lurline, aka ezlurl and Leigh, aka leight120, had more then one meeting. Lurline headed for Virginia to spend time with Leigh and Bob. Then a side trip and met up with Bidda, aka skizmo. Lurline is from New Jersey Leigh is from Virginia. Bidda is from Maryland.
Lurline and Leigh, took a little detour finding Bidda's house. They were completely surprised when she had lunch ready for them. She then directed all of them to Chincoteague Island and Assateague Island and guided us around both places. They went to a seafood restaurant for dinner together and then all three set out to find a motel room on Chincoteague Island for the night. Skiz came inside and waited for her hubby to pick her up, as he works nearby.
You can tell by the picture below, that they're having a lovely time.

Before either of these meetings took place, June, aka JOD67, made her way to visit Leigh. June is from Florida.

Then Eva and Bud shortly followed that visit. Eva is from Kentucky. They told me they had great fun and went to a seafood restaurant called Gus'. Sure looks like they're enjoying themselves. This took place in October of 1999. Leigh sure keeps busy with her online friends!

Last October, 2000, I had the pleasure of an online friend who came to visit me. I'm from Pennsylvania.
Carol, aka C258, took a the three hour ride to spend time with me up here in the Pocono's. We had a delightful visit. She and my son Jim traded hunting stories. Carol seemed to enjoy the fireplace and loved her morning coffee on the backporch. She also spotted a buck walking thru the yard.
Carol is also from New Jersey.
Although she would much rather have the Union Jack Flag flying for her.... That's Carol on my front deck.

I'll always treasure the beautiful gift Carol gave me, a gorgeous golden vase, wth angels on it.

Before several of these meetings, Mary, aka MarMac34, Rosemarie, aka RosyRosie, and Willy, aka Willysrose, got together. JeanM, aka JMD-48, was supposed to be part of their reunions, but she was sick. Too bad JeanM had to miss the cool white limo that Willy had ordered for them! Since then, she and Willy have gotten together. This group have become real close friends. From what I hear, Rosy's family have adopted Willy, and Willy spent Christmas 2000 with them.

This shot above, is when JeanM had finally recovered, and was able to join, Willy with her cool hat on, and Rosy. Taken at Wayside Restaurant in South Buffalo, near Jean's home. November 11th, 2000.

You can always tell when they're having a good time...for instance the picture of Rosy below! Taken at Denny's!

Rosy informed me that she and Bidda, met in Baltimore for lunch. Bidda's daughter was with them, too. I'll get dates and times.

Mary, JMD and Willy are from New York. Rosemarie, is from Maryland. Here is a shot of them at one of there earlier meetings. Great picture! This was taken April 7th, 2000.


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