Okay friends, we`re in for another treat. There was another "meeting", this time back in Florida. Well, I`ll let them tell the story:


For two years now most of us have been in FSO. We have chatted almost every night. We have shared fun times and sad times, good times and bad times. And most have even shared photos. But there is one very loyal member of the room that has remained a mystery. We have had reunions and met face to face, but never have we been successful in meeting DonFLRet, sooooooooo.......

Four of us ladies from Florida, Terrione, Missatir, Jod67 and SallyGooden, decided to take on the impossible mission. We finally got "The Don" to agree to meet us at a Crackerbarrel Restaurant near Brooksville, on July 17, 2000.

The Don, "Capo di tutti Capo!"

The morning finally arrived and the four of us set out on our one and a half hour trip "North". Thank you Rita, for doing the driving. The trip up seemed like eight hours long. We chatted all the way (as women so often do) LOL We read and re-read the directions. Heaven forbid we should end up at the wrong Crackerbarrel. NO MISTAKES THIS TIME!! We just had to meet Don and his wife Fran.

Finally, we pulled into the parking lot and started looking for a White Plymouth Van. It seemed to me that every vehicle in the lot was a white Van. LOL Rita, our master sleuth, spotted a white van with a gentleman and a lady sitting in it.

We found a parking space about five vehicles away. Rita finally got the vehicle parked and I tried to eject myself from the seat, but Terrie, not wanting me to fall out on the way, had locked my door. I finally managed to get it unlocked and was still the first one out of the car. I ran up to the van and the lady and gentleman were exiting their van. In the back of my mind I thought, "I'm running towards these wonderful looking people, what if it is not them?"But when I saw the smiles on their faces, I knew I had found them. By this time, Terrie and June were right behind me. Then came Rita (Missatir) bringing up the rear. Yep, the "Barefoot Contessa". To no ones surprise she was carrying her shoes. (I never knew they had hillbillies in England) LOL.

Well, after the hugging and cracking some ribs LOL and photo shoot, we continued on inside the restaurant.

Poor waitress, must have taken an hour for us to decide what to order. We were sooooo busy chatting. It seems we were much more into conversation than food. Finally we ordered and ate a very delicious meal. (Chicken and Dumplings for me). Then we sat taking up space for another one and a half hours. More photos, we even involved other patrons to take photos for us. We finally decided to relinquish the table back to the dear patient waitress and moved to the front porch. There we sat rocking and talking as though we had been friends all of our lives. Then came the dreaded words "well, I hate to end this but we really must be heading back to Bradenton" So we said our good-byes, more hugs and kisses and a few moist eyes, but feeling wonderful inside. Finally, finally, we had met Don and Fran!!!!! Thank you God for the Internet and our Internet family!!!

Now Don will tell his story:

We had received a email from Sally telling us their estimated time of arrival. We left for the restaurant parking lot and parked with our car facing to the only entrance. We were very anxious for them to arrive. Sally said we would know the car as it would contain "Four Babes".....

We had been there a very short time and a car pulled in with dark windows and parked a short ways from us. We then saw two ladies (Babes) walking towards us. There was no possibility the lead Babe wasn't Sally. We could tell by her huge bright smile.

We jumped out of our car and met them head on and hugged and kissed. Soon they were followed by three other ladies (Babes) We knew one was Terry, June and the other, Rita.

We could tell it was Rita as she is the only one who would walk across a paved parking lot with no shoes in a Florida temperature of about 95. Then we all had kisses and hugs all around with cameras flashing in the bright afternoon sun.

We then went into the restaurant and had lunch that seemed to last about five minutes before Rita said they had to return home. It actually was closer to two hours.It was a GREAT day but so sad when they had to leave.. Can't wait until the next meeting!!!!!!!!!!!


Don: January 13th, 2007
Fran: December 2nd, 2006:
Forever friends, Forever Missed

Thanks Skye

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