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Druid1: We have come here to stand as one to honor the Gods and celebrate the harvest.
Druid2: I will let my sickle down,
as the nourishing ear is in my hand,
I will raise my eye to the heights,
I will turn quickly on my heel to the right

As the sun travels from the eastern quarter to the west-
from the northern quarter with a smooth motion
to the true center of the southern quarter.

Druid1&Druid2: (facing east and bowing) We stand at the center of the world.

(moving to one knee with palms on the ground) We stand firmly upon the land.

(rising to feet, hands cupped - move hands in arc until they meet in front while saying) The sea always surrounds us.

(raise hands above head with thumbs and forefingers meeting to form a triangle while saying) The sky spreads itself above us.

(lower hands to heart) We are at the center of the Three Realms.

All chant - (accompanied by drum) Born of water, cleansing, powerful, healing, changing; I am. (6x)

Druid2: (offering made away from ritual area, saying) Let that which has no part of us remain beyond and trouble us not.

Druid1: (offers libation to ground while saying) Manannan mac Lyr, Lord of the Mist, Ruler of Tir na nOg, Guardian of the gate of the Otherworld, we ask that you open the gates and give unhindered passage to all who come in honour. May the gates among the worlds be opened.

Druid2: (pours honey into fire saying) Ancestors of blood, of spirit, of place, we give you a gift and invite you to our celebration.

Druid1: Offerings for the Nature Spirits may be brought forth at this time. (gifts of fruit, nuts, birdseed are placed in pile)(Druid1 continues saying) All you creatures that go on feet, fin and wing, all you spirits that wind whisper, wave walk, and rain revel - accept these gifts and may there be a bond of peace between us that we may stand here with you and celebrate the harvest.(all those who wish spread the gifts onto land)

(Druid2 pours offering of oil into fire while Druid1 says) Lugh and Tailtiu, Shining ones of our people, we honor you today in this place and across our lands. Receive this gift freely given as you receive our worship.

Druid2: Are there any individual sacrifices at this time? (items offered to fire)

Druid1: (bowl with water held up) Lapping up on the shores, flowing across the land and falling from the skies are many waters bringing life and sustenance. May we share these sacred waters as one folk.
(Druid2 pours water for all - all cups are raised - Druid1 says)Behold the waters of life.
(All respond)Behold the waters of life.(all drink)

All chant (acc. by drum) The river is flowing, flowing and growing, the river is flowing, down to the sea. Mother Earth carry me, your child I will always be, Mother Earth carry me, down to the sea.(6x)

Druid1&Druid2: Lugh and Tailtiu, Shining ones of elder days for your aid and attendance we thank you.
All: We thank you.
1&2: Ancestors of blood, of spirits, and of place, for our lives, for your aid and attendance we thank you.
All: We thank you.
1&2: Manannan mac Lyr, keeper of the hidden ways among the worlds, we thank you.
All: We thank you.

Druid1: May the Gods bless our people, our lands and our homes. This rite is ended.
(Drum beats 3x)