The Story So Far....

This page houses a series of chapters that make up a continuing story arc. When I first started this series, I planned on eight chapters with a neat and tidy ending; however, it seems to have taken on a life of it's own. :) Now I'm not sure if there ever will be an ending. As long as I keep having ideas, "The Story So Far..." will live on.

Throughout the arc, events from the television series are referenced, but it pretty much takes place in an "alternate universe" from the show. There are some scenes of violence and sexual situations (wouldn't be much of a story otherwise ;) but nothing is described in graphic detail and is no worse than what was seen in the original series.

And of course, the legal mumbo jumbo. To any suit-happy bigwigs that may happen upon my little site by some freak occurrence: lighten up. I'm just having fun here, and I'm not profiting in any way (Believe Me!!) by incorporating these characters/events in my stories. That said, everything else not owned by Universal Studios is owned by ME! The original characters are my own invention (not based on anyone living or dead) so no borrowing of characters or copying of stories without my permission (or suffer the wrath of my muse!)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the stories below, and any comments or criticisms are always welcome and appreciated.

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We've got so much left to do- "The Story So Far" - Roger Daltrey

Days Of Light
Chapter One (My very first fan fiction attempt)
This chapter sets up the premise for the arc - Seeking help, Iolaus meets a woman whom Hercules has been trying to apprehend

Chapter Two
Iolaus comes to Elissa's aid, with some indirect help from Hera

Girl's Eyes
Chapter Three
Another meeting with Elissa, and all is revealed (almost)

A Legal Matter
Chapter Four
Iolaus confesses his relationship with Elissa to Hercules

Behind Blue Eyes
Chapter Five
Just an average day in the life of our heroes: a monster, a maniac, and a god of war

Imagine A Man
Chapter Six
After some personal losses, Elissa tries to help Ares

Another Tricky Day
Chapter Seven
New god Sinis plans revenge on Hercules, by way of Iolaus and Elissa

Too Late The Hero
Chapter Eight
Hercules and Ares race to save Iolaus and Elissa from Sinis

Forever's No Time At All
Chapter Nine
Hercules and Iolaus deal with the aftermath of Sinis' treachery

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Chapter Ten
Iolaus runs into trouble while searching for Elissa

Darker Side of Night
Chapter Eleven
Sinis imprisons Hercules and Iolaus, and it's up to Elissa (with a little help from some friends) to get the key to their release

Under A Raging Moon
Chapter Twelve
Sinis declares war on the gods as Iolaus goes after the only thing that can stop him

Calico Skies
Chapter Thirteen
A Persian demoness causes trouble for Iolaus on his wedding day

New Life
Chaper Fourteen
Hercules and Iolaus must battle a warlord to protect both his former captive and Elissa

The Price of Love
Chapter Fifteen
Hercules must work to save Hebe from Calais and to rescue a child that Zeus has kidnapped

The Way of the World
Chapter Sixteen
After a terrible loss, Iolaus and Elissa journey to Hestia's temple, only to run into trouble along the way

Oceans Away
Chapter Seventeen
Hercules, Iolaus, Elissa, and Jason voyage to Africa to try and save Argeon from a dark force

Chapter Eighteen
Hercules and Iolaus try to protect a queen and her special necklace

Chapter Nineteen
Iolaus finds himself the unwitting pawn in a deadly game

Things Have Changed
Chapter Twenty
While trying to cure a mysterious epidemic, Elissa is confronted with a surprising proposal from Ares

Til the Rivers All Run Dry
Chapter Twenty-One
Iolaus, Hercules, and Elissa journey to Attica to answer Niobe's call for help

Chapter Twenty-Two
Problems arise as the gang tries to stop a madman

Miracle of Love
Chapter Twenty-Three
Elissa's labor is complicated by Hera, prompting Hercules to go on a dangerous mission to save her and the baby.

When the Sun Comes Up
Chapter Twenty-Four
Iolaus makes peace with his own life and tries to help Aurora do the same. But when he sets out with Hercules for one more adventure, things take a dire turn.

The Way It Is
Chapter Twenty-Five
Iolaus turns his back on life after a devestating battle injury, at least until a new threat appears in Acheron

Eminence Front
Chapter Twenty-Six
There's trouble brewing in Acheron that leads Iolaus to a new, and not initially welcomed, position

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