Monthly Story Challenge Responses

These stories are responses I came up with in answer to the monthly story challenges put out by the Ioluasian Library. Enjoy, and as always, comments/criticisms are always welcome.

One Life's Enough
April 2000 Challenge: atoz story
Something's not right with Iolaus' picture perfect life

How Many Friends
May 2000 Challenge: Use 10 list items in a story
After Hercules is poisoned, Iolaus risks his life to find the cure

Doing It All Again
June 2000 Challenge: Iolaus must rescue the damsel in distress in 500 words or less
Our hero tries to save a woman in a familiar situation

Face the Face
July 2000 Challenge: Begin the story with "The darkness was impenetrable. It surrounded and suffocated him."
The Jester gets a nightime visit from a familiar face

Success Story
August 2000 Challenge: Write a response to a question in the episode "Heedless Hearts"
Hercules and Iolaus face prison to overthrow a corrupt queen

Here For More
September 2000 Challenge: Write a missing scene from the episode "Cast a Giant Shadow"
Hercules has a heart to heart with Iolaus

Naked Eye
October 2000 Challenge: Write a story using two new enforcers - one made of air and one made of earth
Iolaus and Hercules battle Hera's latest bunch of enforcers

Now and Then
November 2000 Challenge: Write a story giving the balance of power back to Ares
Hercules and Iolaus have an encounter with Ares after the events of the Xena episode "God Fearing Child"`

I'll Be Home for Solstice
December 2000 Challenge: Write a story with the above title and containing a list of words and phrases

"Gladiator" Missing Scene
January 2001 Challenge: Write a missing scene for the episode "Gladiator"

Nowhere to Run
February 2001 Challenge: Write a missing scene from "Highway to Hades" about Hercules and Iolaus in the 24 hours after Herc loans his body out to Timuron

The Rock
March 2001 Challenge: Write a "Young Hercules" story containing 10 list items
Hercules realizes how much Iolaus means to him when they encounter trouble on a fishing trip

The Sea Refuses No River
April 2001 Challenge: Write a story that begins with the line "This time Iolaus knew, he had pushed Hercules too far".
A conflicted Iolaus encounters trouble while running away from the Academy

Near to Surrender
May 2001 Challenge: Write a missing scene for the episode "Judgement Day".

A Friend is a Friend
June 2001 Challenge: Write a story pitting Hercules and Iolaus on opposite sides

The Heart Has Its Reasons
July 2001 List Challenge
Hercules and Iolaus run afoul of Ares while trying to save Carthage from a monster

Giving It All Away
August 2001 War Orphan Challenge
Hera has cursed Plinth, and the consequences nearly turn deadly for Hercules and Iolaus

Walking Into the Memory Circles
September 2001 First Line Challenge
Hercules and Iolaus have a heart to heart

Hydras, Pumpkins, and Fools, Oh My
October 2001 YH List Challenge
Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason contend with Ares' interference during the Eve of Hecate

Would A Stranger Do?
November 2001 Motherhood Challenge
Iolaus tries to help a young mother-to-be

Join Together
December 2001 First Line Challenge
Iolaus and Autolycus reteam to aid Father Solstice

Selling the Drama
January 2002 End Line Challenge
Young Iolaus discovers an ingenious way to capture a woman's fancy

February 2002 Missing Scene Challenge
Hercules' secret results in trouble for Iolaus

Brothers Unaware
March 2002 YH Iolaus' Glory Challenge
Iolaus tries to make peace between brawling brothers Hercules and Iphicles

Precious Time
April 2002 H/C List Challenge
Iolaus is stricken with an insidious illness, and Hercules is at a loss over how to save his friend

Teach Your Children
May 2002 Academy Guest Lecture Challenge
Hercules imparts a few life lessons on a group of students

Believe In You
June 2002 "King of Thieves" Challenge
Hercules hears the details of the Erebus Test

Hero of Love
July 2002 First Line Challenge
After Hercules is poisoned, the Jester must find the courage to go after the cure

Hearts That Wake
August 2002 List Challenge
The Jester inspires those around him with the power of his heart

Take Me Home
September 2002 Settings Challenge
Alcmene's house as seen by Jason, Hercules, and Iolaus

October 2002 H/C List Challenge
Hercules, after arriving home to find Iolaus hasn�t returned from a hunting trip, sets off to find his missing friend

The Facts of Life
November 2002 facts of life Challenge
Young Iolaus has to explain to Hercules that yes, even sainted mothers follow the facts of life

A "Very Special" Solstice Story
December 2002 Filk Song Challenge
Worlds collide as everyone bands together to save the Bard�s Orphanage

January 2003
January 2003 Point of View Challenge
A short description of Iolaus, as seen by Hercules

Day of Silence
February 2003 Line Challenge
Young Iolaus receives a gift that is really a curse in disguise

I Was Born to Sing Your Song
March 2003 List Challenge
A young girl learns of her father's past when he is called out of retirement by some old friends

You Are Yourself
April 2003 Challenge
Hercules' secret regarding his parentage is threatened when he and Iolaus go up against a formidable monster

May 2003 First Line Challenge
Hercules and Iolaus become embroiled in political intrigue in Athens

It's Not True
July 2003 List Challenge
Iolaus and Hercules give the wrong impression, via a series of misunderstandings, to a pair of innkeepers

Wrath of the Golden Hunter (AKA: Don't Come Between Iolaus and a Hot Meal)
August 2003 500 word challenge
Chelonius picked the wrong time to mess with Iolaus

I'm Free
September 2003 POV Challenge
Iolaus impacts a young woman's life

It's a Hard Life
December 2003 "It's a Wonderful Life" challenge
Zeus helps Herc realize things aren't so bad

The Power of Love
July 2004 List Challenge
It's chaos for all when Aphrodite and Ares get into a power struggle

That's What Friends Are For
November 2004 Title Challenge
Iolaus proves what friends are for when Zeus' decree leaves Hercules powerless and a target for the gods

Series of drabbles written for Gold Apple in 2007

The Shield of Forgetfulness
Sword of Veracity Challenge
Written Sept 2008, posted April 2009, 60K
Unofficial challenge to write the story behind the shield of forgetfulness, which was mentioned in the episode "Sword of Veracity"

Until We Meet a Djinn
October 2003 Academy Locked Room Challenge
Written October 2011, Posted Dec 2011
Hercules recounts a chapter of failure and redemption in the life of young Iolaus (50K)

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