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Greetings and Salutations fellow fan-fic-fanatics!

For those of you just joining me (or those that blundered here by accident :), this is my page dedicated to obsession #2, Hercules fan-fic. (Obsession #1 is The Who, whose song titles also double as my story titles, for those of you wondering where I get these goofy names)

For those of you that have been here before, thanks for coming back ;)

I've always been a fan of Greek mythology, so naturally I was drawn to "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys". Well, I became immersed in the show, and fell in love with the premise, the campiness, and the characters, especially Iolaus. Something about him just grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go, and I found the relationship between him and Hercules very moving.

I wrote my first story around the beginning of 1999, and it's been a steady addiction ever since. I'm a full fleged Iolausian now, much to the dismay and confusion of my friends and family, who just don't "get it". :) So, if you can relate to any of this mad rambling, you've come to the right place. The following links will (hopefully) take you where you want to go.

The Story So Far Page
This is a series of chapters that make up a continuing story arc

The Challenge Story Page
Each month the Iolausian Library throws out a different story challenge, and these are my attempts at answering them

Stories by Quiet Wolf
A list of unrelated stories by yours truly

Don't know where to start? Try this link for a few recommendations on some of my favorites that I have written

Other Author's Stories
Stories on this site written by other authors

The Iolausian Library
Virtually hundreds of Hercules/Iolaus stories of all types, by many exceptional authors

The Sandburg Zone
For any wayward "The Sentinel" Fans, which I guess is my new obsession #3

Any comments, criticisms, or complaints are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Also, check back often if you like what you find here, as I will add more stories periodically.

This website is dedicated to Kelly, for without her "encouragement", it might never have existed :)

LAST UPDATED:: 12/9/11


Friends Never Say Goodbye
Written for Halloween 2011, posted December 2011
Herc, Iolaus and Jason journey to Sumeria but their reunion with Nebula is anything but a vacation (66K)

Until We Meet a Djinn
October 2003 Academy Locked Room Challenge
Written October 2011, Posted Dec 2011
Hercules recounts a chapter of failure and redemption in the life of young Iolaus (50K)


One Day at a Time
January 2011
A series of missing scenes for "The Sentinel" (360K)

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