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Random Ebullience

"beauty is excressence, random ebullience, and sheer delightful waste to be enjoyed in its own right." --donald culross peattie

"imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our lives." --simone weile

well, i'm sure those of you who have been here before recognize that this is a change. but i had to make a new homepage for the stories bcuz there are soo many, and i was running out of directory room on my other page. but the stories are all still the same, and i hope you enjoy them!

also, i added the guestbook onto this page as well because i, and the other authors, would like feedback on the stories. feel free to express your HONEST opinion. that's why it's there.

this page is here for fictional stories. if you would like to submit a story, email me at the address at the bottom of the page. your stories DO NOT have to be about the moffatts. i'll take stories about anything (within reason :P). if you would like to submit a poem, song lyrics, or a quote, go here.

the question i get most often is why do i base my characters upon myself, my friends, and the moffatts? well, to be honest, i don't exactly know! lol while i have no teenybopper intentions in doing this, for some reason it's just easier for me to develop a character when i have someone that i can picture in my head. and i've always found the moffatts and my friends very easy to write about, thought i don't think i'll ever know why. but as you will notice, misty, val (pnut), and i do not use the moffatts in our stories as the moffatts. they have different names and, in some cases, completely different personalities. it's easier for us to write that way, and it holds onto the fictional aspect of each of these stories. nevertheless, we hope that you still enjoy them!

by request, i have added summaries for the stories. these are not the best descriptions that i could have come up with, but i'll think of something more creative later. enjoy!


when angels take him home -- by andrea

SUMMARY: this story has nothing to do w/ the moffatts. it's a short story about a young boy with cystic fibrosis, and it has kind-of a fairy-tale ending.

the morning after -- by andrea

SUMMARY: this entire story takes place the morning after a one-night stand and is told in scott's point of view.

i'll miss you -- by andrea

SUMMARY: a short story about a guy with cystic fibrosis and his final good-bye to his best friend.

promise me -- by andrea

SUMMARY: gemini has been waiting forever for quay to ask her out, but when he finally does, will it all be worth it when she discovers his secret? there's also several subplots in this story involving the other characters, but read on to find out what they are!

somewhere between now and never -- by andrea

SEQUEL TO PROMISE ME... this story focuses more on acacia's and tatum's lives and the choices they are faced with as they try to get through college.

after the acid sunrise

i don't have a summary for this one yet...... it's just about vampires, and i'm really proud of it!


untitled -- by val *pnut*

an awesome story about life in an orphanage and several teenagers' experiences.

our own paradise -- by misty

a short story about a girl trying to deal with the fact that her boyfriend is dying.

telekinethesis -- by kelly

a short story about a girl who discovers that she has a secret power.

undying love -- by kerrie

this is a hanson fic, but it's really awesome. It's about two people who come in contact with their past and a life they thought they left behind.

pain -- by kerrie

another awesome short story... this one is about cheating.

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