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***In the middle of January, as I put online the first section of this web site, my mind was already moving ahead to what's next. My first thought was how some of todays' activities resemble "Robin Hood" in reverse. Since that time, I have come across three or four references to "Robin Hood" in the writings of others.

Following is my version of "Robin Hood"!

***First, let's turn to the dictionary for some descriptive information about Robin Hood.

"""An English legend-12th century outlaw, who lived with his followers in Sherwood Forest, robbed the rich to help the poor. """Robber Baron-a nobleman of feudal times, who robbed people traveling through his domain; any number of U.S. capitalists of the late 19th century, who acquired vast wealth by exploitation and ruthlessness.

***During the 12th century, an English legend developed, that we still see in movies and hear about on television today in the 21st century. In 900 years the original Robin Hood and his band of merry men of Sherwood Forest probably have not changed much. Maybe a little better looking or better dressed, but still seen as defenders of the down-trodden, taking from the rich and giving to the poor!

***Now, let's shift our thinking about the original Robin Hood, to a modern 20th and 21st century scenario. Todays Robin Hood has traded in Sherwood Forest for the United States and possibly the world. Robin doesn't need riding clothes, but sports a three piece business suit OR just the casual look of tatered blue jeans, a ball cap, and a t-shirt labeled "Save the Squirrels". Robin's band of merry men are called bankers, politicians,bureaucrats, and environmentalists.

QUESTION: What really is an environmentalist? """ The dictionary tells us: an environmentalist is a person, who accepts the theory that the environment is of overriding importance in determining individual characteristics or a person working to solve environmental problems, such as air and water pollution, the exhaustion of natural resources, and uncontrolled population growth.

***STATEMENT: Gee, I think of myself as an environmentalist or conservationalist, I try not to pollute or overuse natural resources. You are quite correct, most of us are conservationalists, we care for the land, the water, and the air, doing our upmost to not cause problems or pollution. The differentiation is, many citizens consider themselves preservationalists. These individuals want to roll back the calendar, clock, or time table to an era when the land in the United States of America, was for the most part, unoccupied and undeveloped! Especially the land west of the Mississippi.


In the 211 years, since the ratification of the Constitution, the United States has come full circle from land give-away to land-confiscation. QUESTION: How did this happen?

***152 to 225 years ago, various groups throughout the world began devising ways to control the people and affairs of the world "their way". Groups, such as, the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion, the Communists, the Committee of 300, the Skull and Bones Society of Yale University, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of Interntional Affairs (English version of the CFR), the Council On Foreign Relations (U.S. version of the RIIA), the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations Association, the Institute of Pacific Relations, Committees on Foreign Relations (affiliated with the CFR), European Union, Illuminized Freemasonry, The United Nations (League of Nation, a precursor to the U.N.), and many others.

***An interesting side-light: There are many who claim the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a lie, a forgery, and any other description assigned to it, but when these Protocols are studied and compared to history past and current happenings, the correlation is astounding, even down to Hillary Clinton's "It Takes a Village". The Protocols were written about 1854 and apparently published the first time in 1903, after Victor E. Marsden translated the works.

***ANOTHER interesting report, not to well known by the American public, THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN, supposedly commissioned in 1963, by Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense for the Kennedy Administration. Whether the work was of a think tank of fifthteen unidentified men or a lone author, it included a new definition of peace. Create a world government in which all nations are disarmed and disciplined by a world army. PURPOSE OF THIS SUPPOSED STUDY: Explore ways to "stabilize society" in the absense of war. AKA:Controlling people. Recently this work has been call a fraud, forgery, or whatever. Again, all an individual has to do is compare the report to 30 some years of history and recent events.

Included was increased ways the Federal Government could affect our lives or control people!