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MFSGL: Page Two; The Setup

We,(MFSGL), were given the use of a little old greenhouse on a part of the campus known as the Holly Plant Environmental Research Center. Slabs and irrigation supplies were provided along with a Wadsworth environmental control computer with manual. We did a wee bit of research on the task at hand and proceeded with great enthusiasm. Very little available data on Lactuca sativa 'Salina' was found, so this was to be a 'new' plant for us. Some good data was found pertaining to hydroponics grown lettuce using rockwool slabs, but none was found that used Coir. We will be the first, at least one of the first, to document it on the web.*****

Our Greenhouse

The Seedlings

The seedlings were started in seed flats. The slabs were laid out and water lines connected. On the left are the rockwool slabs. On the right are the coir slabs.

The Seedlings

The first photo is the seedlings newly planted in the slabs. They are 3 weeks old. The next photos are seedlings at 4 weeks since sprouting. They have been in the slabs for 1 week.

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