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Misplaced Floriculture Students Growing Lettuce / MFSGL

Wecome! This site is a visual record of MFSGL's hydroponics project for H 486, Practicum, at Colorado State University. The class is headed by Dr. Steve Newman. We are having a lot of fun as well as getting some good hands-on experience with our own greenhouse. We hope you enjoy this presentation of the progress of our crop.

*** Our Happy Group ***

Pictured in the middle is our fearless leader Catherine 'Cat' Conover. On the left is Cynthia 'Cy' Craig, and on the right is Patrick Sinnott.

We will be growing Lactuca sativa , lettuce, using hydroponics. The cultivar of lettuce is Salina. There will be two groups which differ in one factor of the growing process. The differing factor will be the substrate media used. One group will be grown in rockwool slabs, while the other is grown in Coir slabs. All other factors such as temperature, light, water, fertilizer and humidity shall be relatively the same for both groups. From seed to salad ... this is the process *********

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