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dancerClint's Sign
Clint at his bar
Big Clint at the bar.

The staff
The staff of BIG CLINT'S

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A Lap Dance is Better
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dancerHere is what some people are saying at Big Clint's:

Clint Clint doesn't really own a strip joint or an ostrich farm, but I know that deep down it his dream to do so someday. I am just guessing that this is what he will call it. This and other pictures of my brother and the Phi Delt brothers of RIT were stolen from the Normar Web Page. It is actually a very fun and interesting site that really deals with ostrich farming.

To visit Normar, click on the ostrich. Ostrich

One of Big Clint's Strippers
For more informaton on Big Clint's Strip Joint and Ostrich Farm, just email him at!

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