Fall Special Edition #2
Series 2
October 31, 2002

"Oh, cool, man."
-Debbie Benfield, upon hearing that the LS Kids were going ghost-hunting

"Well, I'll go, but I'm waiting in the car."
-Staci Wyland, upon hearing that the LS Kids were going ghost-hunting

The LS Kids Halloween Special

A Halloween party was held for the LS Kids at Lou and Michelle's apartment on October 26, 2002. It began at eight PM, with the arrival of Mia Shelley and Julie Rote.
They immediately were sent screaming back into the hallway as they were frightened by a floating spider that Lou had rigged up. Staci Wyland had come over earlier, and helped Lou and Michelle set up the party. Lou was costumed as a black specter, and Staci and Michelle were cowgirls. Mia and Julie dressed in fancy clothes and makeup.
Marjorie Shelley came dressed in a black dress with glitter, and Debbie Benfield sported an orange wig, sunglasses, her LS Kids cap, and speaking to her finger. Ginger White made an attempt to dress as the Invisible Woman for the party. Vesta Jones, DCS Bureau Head, also traveled in from Ickesburg to attend the party, dressed as a biker chick.
Other attractions included a black light in the bathroom (with REDRUM written on the mirror), spiderwebs across the apartment, a severed head made of ham on the table, all sorts of snacks, and a hand made of ice floating in the punch.

Editor's Note: Some of the articles in this issue genuinely happened. Some are fictional or exaggerated, written just for fun. We leave it to the readers to decide for themselves which are which. -L.


In October, Staci Wyland and Debbie Benfield went to visit one of the historical buildings in northern Lock Haven. As soon as they got in, strange things began to happen---Lights flashing, lights flashing, doors slamming, unseen people talking, and several other things.
They walked in the door, and it slammed behind them. BANG!
Staci took a few steps across the squeaky hardwood floor. She saw a telephone and picked it up. There was a dialtone, so she decided to call Lou. She began to dial: 5-5-5-8-1-0....And then all of a sudden, a female voice came on the other end of the phone. "Don't worry, baby, everything is going to be okay. Mommy is here." And there was the high-pitched sound of a baby crying in the background.
Staci quickly hung up the phone.
"Wrong number," she told Debbie.
The two of them began to run. Every door they past slammed: BANG! BANG! BANG! Staci felt a cold breeze across the back of her neck, and the hair stood up on her arms.
Then, all of a sudden, it all stopped.
Everything was silent.
Debbie turned to Staci. "Let's go upstairs," she said.
"Are you crazy?!?" said Staci. "No way! I'm leaving!"
They ran out the door, never to return. Well, Staci isn't returning. But Debbie? Who knows?
-Staci Wyland

One morning, I woke up and my hands felt all tingly. I figured they were just asleep, so I went about my morning. I ended up wearing a purple shirt and orange pants. Being me, of course, I didnít care.
I went downstairs and was eating my bowl of Cocoa Puffs, and on about the third bite, my spoon went so far down my throat I didnít think it was coming back.
Thatís when I started to get suspicious.
I ran into the living room and asked my mom if it was possible for your hands to be controlled without the rest of your body. She said no, of course, but I was still skeptical. But I went off to school, and I ended up hitting my friend Mia. I really didnít mean it.
When I got into the school lunch period, my hands threw my tray at my friend Krystle. It was spaghetti, and it got all over her. She yelled at me and walked out. I felt so bad that I smacked myself in the face. (That was on purpose.)
The principal was mad about all this, and sent me home. My little brother was there, and he asked if there was something wrong with me. I said no. He said,"Well, darn."
I said,"What did you try to do?"
He said,"Last night, when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake, I wished that your hands would be possessed."
At that moment, the tingling left my hands. I ran after him, and caught him and punched him. He told my mom, but my mom believed me when I said my hands were still possessed at that point. Ha, ha.
-Debbie Benfield

In October, Marjorie Shelley and Ginger White decided to make a Frankenstein monster and bring it to life. They were down in Ginger's basement. They found an old Frankenstein body.
So they decided to bring it to life, which was not as easy as you might think. On Halloween night, it was dark and stormy. They plugged the Frankenstein in and ran a whole bunch of electricity through him.
Marjorie pulled the switch down, and at the same time, a streak of lightning hit the switch. All of a sudden, the light went out.
Five minutes later, the lights came back on. The Frankenstein was gone.
Ginger and Marjorie went looking for him. They found him upstaris stealing the Halloween candy. They tried to stop him but it didn't work. The Frankenstein was too strong.
He ran out of the house and onto Water Street. Nobody could find him.
So a piece of advice to everybody. If you want to keep your candy, then hide it. The Frankenstein is on the loose and stealing children's Halloween candy. If you find the Halloween candy, or the Frankenstein, call (570) 555-8253.
-Marjorie Shelley
-It's alive! Alive!

One Halloween school day was the first day that Mia and Julie transferred into the same class as Marjorie, Debbie, and their friends. When class was over, they all went to lunch, and Marjorie said,"Letís be nice and invite them to our table."
Mia and Julie came over and Mia said,"Whatís up?"
They sat down and started to eat. After they were done eating, they started talking, and then the skin on Miaís face started to fall off!
Julie whispered in Miaís ear,"Your face is falling off!"
So Mia hurried to the restroom and stuck her face back on.
After school, Marjorie and her friends started talking about Mia and Julie. "Those two are really freaky," said Debbie. "Why did you invite them to our table?"
"I donít know," said Marjorie,"They seemed okay. I was trying to be nice."
Mia overheard this, and told Julie. Mia said,"So we have a plan for them."
By nighttime, everybody was out Trick-or-Treating. Mia put her face on, and told Julie to hurry up. The two girls went out Trick-or-Treating. They met up with Marjorie and Debbie close to midnight, when Marjorie and Debbie were headed home. Mia asked them if they wanted to go to a party in the graveyard. Debbie said,"Yeah, letís go!"
When they got to the graveyard, it turned midnight, and it was a full moon. Julie turned into a werewolf! And Mia pulled her skin off....Mia was a skeleton!
They attacked Debbie and Marjorie. Marjorie and Debbie fought back, and they saw two gravestones, over two open graves with empty caskets in them. The gravestones said,"Mia and Julie, Died 1600."
They dragged the two over to the caskets, threw them in, and buried them.
Marjorie and Debbie went to the hospital, where they found out they were going to be allright. Mia and Julie were never heard from again.
-Mia Shelley
Editorís note: You should have seen this one before editing. And I doubt Mia is really a supernatural monster....But it would explain a lot. ĖL.

It was a dark and stormy night. I, Krystle Welch, had just come home from work at the Happy Burger. When I walked in, the lights were flickering on and off, and I wondered what was going on.
I tried for about ten minutes to get it to stop, and then, in the dark, something ran past me. I got scared. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped....Or should I say, it stopped for a while.
I sat down and turned on the TV. Jerry Springer was on, the episode My Mother Is A Zombie.
Then I heard these creaking noises upstairs, with doors slamming. I went to the cellarway and got an umbrella, then crept up the steps to see what was happening there.
It was just standing there, staring me in the eye. Believe it or not, it was my brother---He had become a zombie!
His eyes were as red as fire, and his skin was white. He was making a weird noise, that sounded like,"Ooohhh."
I tried to talk to him, but he just kept saying,"Ooohhh."
He ran at me. I started to beat him with the umbrella, but it didnít work. It gave him a black eye, though. He locked me in the attic. I threw down the umbrella and screamed really loud, for a long time. Then I heard something in the corner, and I fainted.
When I woke up, I was on the couch, and Debbie was there. She was trying to wake me up with smelling salts.
I asked her where my brother was, and she said he was upstairs sleeping. I got up, still kind of dizzy. I ran up the steps and woke him up. He had no black eye. I asked him if he remembered any of it, and he asked me if I was on crack.
So I think I fell asleep in front of the TV and was dreaming, but I guess I will never know.
-Krystle Welch

When I was little, my Bubbe used to tell me stories of the Golem. In Jewish folklore, a Golem is a man made of clay and brought to life. A rabbi would create them, and bring them to life by placing a piece of paper in the Golemís mouth, with the name of G-d written on it.
This October, there was a Golem in our neighborhood. I donít know where it came from. Maybe the attic of the synagogue. Iím the only Jewish kid on Park Street, so I was the only one who recognized it as a Golem. Everyone else thought it was just a really filthy homeless guy.
The Golem was rambling around by night, scaring people, and it had to be stopped.
So I tracked him down one night, and found him roaming around in Hoberman Park. When he saw me, he tried to attack me. But I reached in the Golemís mouth, and pulled the paper out. That stopped him. Once the piece of paper was removed, he fell down and stopped moving.
So thatís how my Halloween went. Donít believe me? I wish I could prove it to you, but all that remains is the pile of dirt in Hoberman Park.
-Ginger White


When Lou came to visit me in October, my friend Marcy was staying over. Marcy is always coming up with crazy ideas. This time, it was a doozy.
"Let's stay up and look for vampires," said Marcy. "It's almost Halloween, so let's see if we can catch a vampire!"
This was her weirdest one yet, and Marcy has come up with some strange plans. I was glad, this time, there was a responsible grownup around to stop this situation.
"Sure, sounds like fun," said Lou. "Let's do it."
So we sat outside my house, near the porch, looking for vampires. Marcy found an old volleyball net in the garage to try and catch them with if we saw any. I was kind of unsure about a used volleyball net holding a vampire, but I let her keep it. I didn't really want to hold on to a vampire anyway.
We lost some blood, but that was only due to the mosquitoes. There were plenty of those. We saw no vampires, to my great relief. Finally, we got bored and cold and went in. It took like half an hour.
But I had scary dreams all night from that. Thanks, Marcy. See if I invite you to stay over again.
-Amber Fleming
-DCS Bureau


By Sarah
I went to a haunted house. It was the scariest thing. Okay, it was the toddlersí haunted house at the Renovo Halloween celebration, but it was still really scary.
I went in the In door. Now, first, it was pitch black inside. I hate darkness. I hate it worse than anything. And it was dark. Youíd think that would be scary enough, but no, there was more stuff coming. As I felt my way along the hallway using my hands, there was a STEP DOWN! I almost killed myself.
And then, there was a monster. It jumped out at me. I screamed, and turned around and ran back out the In door, fifteen seconds after I entered. That was enough for me.
-Sarah Wilson
-Renovo Bureau

By Rudy
All you humans love Halloween. And why shouldn't you? You all get to dress up in fun costumes, and run around in the dark, and get all sorts of candy. But there is a darker side to Halloween, which I must point out to you.
Does anybody give any candy to the dog? No! You all sit there, unwrapping and eating your candy, and having a great time! But nobody thinks to give anything to the dog, who has the cutest costume of them all, year-round! What's the matter with you people?!
Oh, I know that certain anti-dog elements of society say that candy is bad for dogs. But I can tell you, I'll eat it anyway. Love it. And even so, does anyone greet me at the door with so much as a table scrap? No! I gotta just sit and watch all you selfish people eat all your....Hey, what's that?
The kids all chipped in on a box of Milk-Bones for me? Why, how nice! You know, the red ones are my favorite....
What was I saying?....Oh, well, I don't remember. Wasn't important. Come here, split a Milk-Bone with me.
-Rudy The Dancing Beagle
-Gonna dress up as something really scary....The vacuum cleaner.

By Ginger
Adore It: We adore everyone who helps to make Halloween fun---The people who give out candy, hold parades, make our streets safe. Halloween is a cool holiday, if celebrated properly.
Deplore It: A mention should be made here that somtimes, the holiday is not celebrated properly. Parents who dress their children unsafely, or do not supervise them, fall into the "Deplore It" section.
-Ginger White

The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Editor: Lou
President: Brenda Geyer
IVP: Staci Wyland
EVP: Marjorie Shelley
Secretary: Debbie Benfield
Quartermaster: Mia Shelley
Staff: Hilaire Reese, Julie Rote, Krystle Welch, Ginger White
Renovo Bureau: Sarah Wilson, Meghan Wilson
DCS Bureau Head: Vesta Jones
Distant Correspondents: Amber Fleming, Kazlynn Otto, Rachel Wykry

By Lou

I was born in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. This is the same city that the movie "The Blob" was filmed in, back in the 1950ís. The Blob and I have a birthplace in common, which I think is cool. (The Blob and I also have in common the fact that we can both eat our own weight in just about anything, but the other is cooler.)
This may be some of the reason I have always had an appreciation for supernatural stories.
When I was around eight years old, I found out how to sneak out at night, and roam the fields of our Christmas Tree Farm. My father, in an abortive attempt to keep me inside, told me stories of a creature out in the fields, which he called the Great Christmas Tree Goblin. In creating this myth, my father had failed to take into account the type of kid I was---I spent a lot of time after that out in the fields at night, looking for the Great Christmas Tree Goblin.
Possibly true or blatantly false, about monsters, ghosts, or snaky creatures that live in lakes, I have always enjoyed a good supernatural story. Thatís why the kids and I decided to run a Fall Special this year on Halloween---The one time of year when the supernatural is commonplace.
This special is for me, to give me a chance to check out some new scary stories. Itís for the kids, to give them a chance to write the type of thing that they otherwise wouldnít get a chance to. And itís for all of you, the readers, to give you a chance to see another side of me and the kids, something else that we can do besides report community news.
Thanks for checking it out, and letting us share our Halloween with you.
I hear the Blob still resides in Phoenixville, held in thirty-two cans in some guyís basement. I hope thatís true. I want to give that thing a chance to break loose, so I can hunt it down. Be in my own horror story. Why not?
-You wanna see something really scary?