To have and to hold.
For better or for worse.
For richer or for poorer.
In sickness and in health.
Til death do us part.

Issue #33
Series 2
September 2002

"When one writes a novel about grown people, he knows exactly where to stop---that is, with a marraige; but when one writes of juveniles, he must stop where he best can,"
-Mark Twain


Michelle Cothern
Lou Bernard

We're joined together
In marraige on
August 3, 2002
2:00 PM
Green Valley Farm
Come and join our celebration!


Lou and Michelle, engaged for the past year, held their wedding on August 3, 2002. The wedding was held on Green Valley Farm in Slatington, Pennsylvania, the farm where Lou grew up. Vesta Jones stood by Lou's side as the best man, and Staci Wyland was Michelle's bridesmaid. Also appearing at the wedding were Brenda Geyer, BiPagan, Kerbear, Eileen, and Rudy the Dancing Beagle.
District Justice Ed Hartman of Slatington married the couple. The dress was made by Lou's mother, and the cake was baked by his aunt. Lou's uncle took the wedding photos. The farm assistant, Jared, videotaped the event.
"So, do you have anything to say?" Jared asked.
"I'm going to Disney World," Lou responded.
After the wedding, the couple rode off on the farm's tractor, driven by Lou's father. Then tractor rides were given to all the children, and some of the adults who wanted to ride.
"May Lou and Michelle be blessed....or cursed," toasted Lou's father,"With children just like themselves."
"We're here live at Lou and Michelle's wedding," his brother Jonathan said. "Congratulations, Lou and Michelle....I hope there are many happy years, and when there are tears, I hope you make it through with flying colors, and I'm sure you will."
Lou and Michelle met over the Internet four years ago. Lou proposed to Michelle one year ago, in the Endnote column in the September 2001 JJJ.
-Ginger White


Editor's Note: This is a collection of articles, e-mails, card signatures, and notes given to us in the days after the wedding. One way or another, the intent was the same: To wish us well. I did very little editing. I wanted to keep these notes as close as I could get to the originals, right down to the colors they were written in, so I could share them with the readers. -L.
The Big Day: Vesta Jones
The day has finally come....
After a long night, staying up until four in the morning, I drag myself out of the tent where I slept. Down to my car, and to my Gram's for a shower. fter about twenty minutes in the shower, I finally wake up and realize that today is the big day.
With that thought in my head, I rush out of the shower, only to realize that I now have ten minutes to get ready to head out.
I did it, I got ready in ten minutes. To the car and off to get Staci Wyland. Oh my gosh, Staci is actually up and ready to go. She must have gotten a whiff of "today is the big day".
Now off to Mandi's where we will meet up with Brenda Geyer, and her relatives, Wade, Mandi, and Faith. While waiting for them to get ready, Faith and I sat and played "Maggots" (Also known as magnets) on the refridgerator. Finally, at ten AM, we head out....And we're off....
Finally we arrive....At Lou's parents farm for the wedding!!!!
YES!! Today is the BIG day!!
After helping out with a little of everything, two o'clock rolled in and it was time to start.
Give me the rings....Staci the flowers....
Here comes Michelle....BEAUTIFUL!!! Even I was teared up!!
"I will."...."I will."
A lot of pictures, food.....And the throwing of the bouquet. Ever single woman there wanted it. "I can see theres gonna be a rumble," said Brenda.
Well if Brenda would have been paying attention, she could have had it. With a flying leap, it was in my hand. Lou's brother even had money on me!
Finally after mingling, I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I HAD to go.
Another long trip back....
With Wuv: Brenda Geyer
Lou and Michelle, best wishes! Good luck. I wuv you guys.
To Lou And Michelle: Debbie Benfield
Hi Lou! Hi Michelle! From Debbie.
Especially for Michelle and Lou: Marjorie Shelley
I hope you had a great wedding. In the future I give you my best hope. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. Michelle and Lou, you guys were meant for each other. If you ever need help, I am always here. I love you guys. Good luck!
Mia's Note: Mia Shelley
Hey Lou and Michelle! Whatcha doin? MIA
Bashert: Ginger White
In the Jewish religion, the Talmud teaches that at birth, God announces the name of a male child's bride. In Yiddish, this is called "bashert," meaning fate or destiny. Lou and Michelle, you are bashert. Mazel Tov.
Just One Thing: Sarah Wilson
Just called before the wedding. I just wanted to say....Congratulations.
Being There: Amber Fleming
A year ago, I met Lou. He was there for me when I needed help. Now I am glad I get to be there for him, as he is married and starts a new life. I love you, Lou. And I am sure I will love Michelle, too.
A Great Time: Rachel Wykry
I hope you have a great time at your wedding and honeymoon. I wish I could come to your wedding, but it's just too far.
Happy Memories: Kazlynn Otto
Dear Lou, I am so happy to hear you're getting married on the third. Now I'll have happy things to remember on that day.


On August 3rd through the 6th, Lou and his new wife Michelle went on a honeymoon to New Hope, Pennsylvania. This is known as the most haunted town in America.
They saw a haunted covered bridge, the Van Sant Bridge. Then they went to New Hope’s most haunted hotel, the Logan Inn, on South Main Street. They also went past a haunted restaurant, Odette‘s, and walked past the Aaron Burr house on Bridge Street. Aaron Burr lived here, and allegedly still haunts the building.
For more information on New Hope, visit www.newhopepa.com.
-Mia Shelley


By Brenda
Simple Things
You came into my life,
A stranger in my eyes
Falling in love with you
Came as a surprise.
Holding me in your arms
With a "top-of-the-head" kiss,
It's the simple things like these
That I would really miss.
-Brenda Geyer

By Ginger
Adore It: Adoration and thanks to everyone involved with the wedding. Lou's parents for hosting it, the Lost Solace Team for helping out, the kids, for serving as the wedding party. Adoration to everyone who came a long way to attend, and everyone who contributed. You are all loved.
Deplore It: Hey, how about we skip the "Deplore It" segment of the column just for this one issue? This is supposed to be a happy occasion.
-Ginger White

The Just Juniors Journal Is:
Editor: Lou
President: Brenda Geyer
IVP: Staci Wyland
EVP: Marjorie Shelley
Secretary: Debbie Benfield
Quartermaster: Mia Shelley
Staff: Ginger White
Renovo Bureau: Sarah Wilson, Meghan Wilson
DCS Bureau Head: Vesta Jones
Distant Correspondents: Amber Fleming, Kazlynn Otto, Rachel Wykry

By Lou

And what an event it was.
One year ago, in this column, I proposed to Michelle. And the month after, when she accepted, I wrote these words:
And the wedding. And our life together. Me and Michelle, and my kids, and our kids. As we head off together into our new life, the one we make out of the old.
Think what a story it'll be.

And it has been---It's been a fantastic story. And it's not over yet. The adventures keep happening.
Everybody who is anybody was at the wedding---My family, and my teacher Paula; the LS Kids and Lost Solace; my boss and my buddy from work; Sam and Rudy; old friends and new. The most important people in my life.
And Michelle, and me. The focus of it all.
How do I explain how happy things were, how wonderful the whole event was? How can I tell you in this column what a joy it was to be married that day? How I laughed and celebrated with everyone, how I stood with tears in my eyes as I took the big step, overwhelmed with emotion?
I can't. For the first time in my career, I can't express in words what I'm feeling.
It was a great event, I can tell you that much. The wedding ceremony, and the tractor rides afterward, the gifts, the celebrations and the food, the photographs, the conversations, just being there with the people who have meant so much to me.
All I can do is to try. To just sit down at my keyboard like I always do, and let the words flow.
At one point, my Uncle Joe pulled me aside. Uncle Joe was doing the photography, and consequently got to mill through the crowd a lot, and see everybody.
"Lou," Uncle Joe said,"I've been listening. You've got friends here. These people don't just like you; they love you."
I knew that. I've always known it. Among my friends, the people who care about me, I feel loved. Once, a long time ago, I needed a reason to live. Now, I have many of them.
And I suppose that all I really need to say about that day....Was expressed during the ceremony, by the tears of happiness in my eyes.
-I do.