Issue #82
Series 2
October 2006


On September 23, 2006, the LS Kids took a mysterious journey into the unknown and supernatural. Mike Schedin, Cris Miller, Tiffany Allen, Biz Albright, Robin Prescott, and Lou went hunting for the statue made by Indian Prince Pipsisseway, a monolithic statue said to have been placed under a curse when it was carved.
The journey began by looking at McElhattan Creek, where the statue was said to be buried. They didn't find it. What was found was some type of rock carvings, all identical in size and shape, in many rocks around the area. This possibly indicated activity associated with the accursed monolith.
They also found what might be the site of the ancient statue, and several different signs pointing to that conclusion. But, unfortunately, no hard evidence of the exact whereabouts were found.
-Mike Schedin


The American Cancer Society in Lock Haven began their Relay For Life over a decade ago. The LS Kids began helping out in 2000, and have ever since spent a weekend in May helping to fight cancer. In all this time, the Relay has been held at Jack Stadium, above Lock Haven University. But that's about to change.
For the first time, the Relay will be held somewhere else this year.
Stadium officials chose to put a new surface down in the stadium this year, and the timing of that operation will interfere with the Relay. Because of that, and because the Relay has been growing too big for the current crowd, the Cancer Society chose to move it this year. In May, the Relay will be held instead at Riverview Park, across the Jay Street Bridge in Lockport.
Riverview Park will present a different set of advantages and problems, according to the Kids who have experienced the Relay for years. Though parking may be more of a problem, the park is closer to downtown and the museum, which means the Kids will have less of a problem getting items that are needed. The park, a pleasant are by the river, will have different weather conditions, as well.
"This is a big change," Lou comments. "For years, we've had the Relay at the Stadium. It's been the year's biggest project for us. For years, we've experienced our closeness up there. The time Staci had cancer....The year the Relay was held two weeks after my mother died....The first project for several of the Kids. It's all been up there, in the stadium above the city. So, it's a little sad. But it's exciting, too....A new home for our biggest event. Yeah, I'm sort of looking forward to it."
-Lou, Editor
-Robin Prescott, Staff

The annual Regatta was held on Labor Day weekend along Water Street in Lock Haven. This year, it was different for the LS Kids for several reasons. Because of weather, the boat races had to be cancelled, which was unusual. As Lou commented,"It feels a bit funny without the sound of speedboats coming over the dike."
Another reason things were different was because of Lou's new job as curator of the Heisey Museum. Because the museum is open for discount tours during the whole weekend, Lou had to work during the Regatta, and he invited the LS Kids to come and help out.
Tiffany Allen and Robin Prescott showed up to assist people at the door. During the weekend, attending the Regatta, members Mike Schedin, Cris Miller, Carleah Stabley, Debbie Benfield, and MarKel Wheeland also put in appearances.
"The Regatta used to be the biggest event of the year for us," Lou said. "For the last several years, it's been not as important; the Relay For Life has been the big one. But it's nice that the LS Kids have a place in the Regatta again---I've missed that, a little."
-Robin Prescott

In early September, LSK member Biz Albright, who has been away serving in the National Guard, came home on leave. Biz has spent the past eleven months completing boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and training for a position as a military intelligence specialist at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
In the time Biz has been away, she's encountered some hardships and nasty surprises, including a broken hip, bronchitis, and the realization that the Arizona desert houses spiders of monstrous proportions. All of these things make for interesting stories (See Biz's recent "Letters Home" columns in previous issues), of which we've heard many since her return.
Biz isn't sure how long she'll be able to stay home, but she thinks she'll be here until at least January. After that, where she goes is once again up to the Army---She seems to think deployment to Iraq is a possibility.
-Tiffany Allen

On September 24, 2006, at the Heisey Museum, storyteller Vicky Town of Philadelphia came to tell stories to the community. Her theme was "Fools, Heroes, and What the Wise Ones Said".
She made everyone laugh with the three stories she told. She also showed emotions with what she was saying. Lou, who was partially in charge of the program, said that he'd be happy to have Vicky come back to the museum again.
LS Kids Tiffany Allen and I came to the program at Lou's request. We were glad we went.
-MarKel Wheeland


By Regina
In The Corners Of Circles
I've run to every corner I can find.
Tho none of them seem to work.
I can't hide well enough in them.
I can't find the world I'm looking for,
Because the world I'm looking for left me.

I've scratched at my face looking for sanity,
I've pulled at my hair for words to say.
I've bit my nails till they bled,
Because I'm so afraid.

My hands are bleeding from crawling to find,
My knees are bruised because they are my sanctuary.
My fingers are breaking
Because I've pounded on a door that can't be opened.

My eyes are dry because the tears can't pour out anymore.
My heart is dust because it has forgotten how to love, or be loved.
My spine is withered cause I could never stand up for myself in the first place.
My lips were stitched shut to silence the screams,
And my lungs are burning because I'm holding back these cries.

My murmurs where silenced by the sheer pain in my soul.
The only part of my soul that's alive, is its painful memory.
My hatred has boiled till my ears ring.
I blink just to hope that when I open my eyes, I'll see salvation.
But there's no hope where there's no will...and I have no will.

My will faded so long ago,
My might gave up,
My strength diminished with my might,
And my hope abandoned me without warning.
And life is laughing at me from the corners of circles,

Wondering if I'll make it till dusk, or will I die before dawn.
-Regina Spence
-DCS Bureau

The JJJ Is:
Leader: Lou
Assistant Leader: Tiffany Allen
President: Meghan Rockey
Vice-President: Biz Albright
Secretary: Cris Miller
Staff: Shelby Sander, Carleah Stabley, Mike Schedin, Debbie Benfield, Krystle Welch, MarKel Wheeland, Robin Prescott, Ida Yost
Distant Correspondents: MacKenzie Brundage, Regina Spence, Amber Snow, Chelsey Crouchley, Goth Lizz
Foreign Bureau: Janice Marco

So, after nearly a year, Biz is back.
And we were on an adventure.
Last year, when Biz Albright left for the military, I promised her that I'd have some cool adventure waiting for her when she got back. There was some background for this---In all the wildest adventures we've had, Biz has been there. She was along when we looked for King Arthur's grave, she was with me after the lost treasure of Revelton, and she and I were together in the Indian burial ground at Memorial Park. Of all the Kids, Biz has racked up the most extensive record of explorations and treasure hunts.
I'd had a couple of other potential adventures available, but this one sort of jumped out at me. My boss mentioned this story to me recently---A story of an Indian monolith, made a buried years ago, with a curse on it. She believes in the curse, and in fact had the story itself hidden somewhere in the museum. I was unable to find it, but a trip to the library took care of that---I had the story in minutes. My boss absolutely forbid me to look for the monolith. She thinks if I find this thing, we'll all be cursed. So, in the interest of being a good role model, I told the Kids not to tell her.
This story of the Indian curse intrigued the Kids. And, when Biz came back, it seemed the perfect type of escapade to welcome her home.
So, once again, the Kids and I headed off into the woods to find some old legend, in search of adventure. And, like always, Biz Albright at my side.
She's grown, some. She has that military training, now. She's learned a lot since she left, and looks at things in a different way. She's now a private in the military, and has grown up.
And she showed up to search the forests wearing high heels and dress slacks. So, underneath all the training, she's still Biz Albright, after all.
It's nice to know that some things don't change. Me and the LS Kids, off into the woods, having an adventure. Biz there with us once again. Learning about things, and having an exciting time.
I can't speak for what the Indians experienced. But it doesn't seem like much of a curse to me.
-No dead Indians are gonna push us around